The Spy

(4 stars; 6 reviews)

The two-part BBC Radio adaptation by D,J. Britton of James Fenimore Cooper's classic novel of espionage and divided loyalties set during the War for American Independence. It is 1778 in New York State. Henry Wharton, a young British soldier, sneaks into No-Man's Land in civilian clothing in order to be with the family he hasn't seen in over a year for one night. But the happy reunion is cut short when he is captured by American soldiers and must stand trial as a spy. If found guilty ... he will hang. Henry Wharton ... Alex Waldmann Harvey Birch ... Burn Gorman Mr. Wharton ... James Lailey Frances Wharton ... Rose Leslie Peyton Dunwoodie ... Simon Bubb Sarah Wharton ... Francine Chamberlain Mr. Harper ... Timothy Watson Caesar ... Richard Pepple Captain Lawton ... Gerard McDermott Isabella Singleton ... Victoria Inez Hardy Colonel Wellmere ... Adam Billington Colonel Martin ... Paul Moriarty Directed by Sasha Yevtushenko Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 22 and 29 January 2012

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


Episode One 56:56
Episode Two 57:05


(3 stars)

So much of Coopers writing is in the details. This is still a good story, but there is not much of the development of characters like the Dragoon Surgeon and others who are not indispensable to the main plot.