The Treasure In The Forest

(3.8 stars; 11 reviews)

A BBC Radio adaptation by Michael Robson of H. G. Well's 1894 short story. The year is 1900, somewhere in the East Indies . Three men of vastly different backgrounds - an intellectual, a fallen gentleman and a brute -  come together for a fantastic purpose ... to uncover a treasure of lost Spanish gold bullion. The problem is ... how long can such an unlikely alliance last when greed and hatred of each other begin to become too strong to resist ... like the lure of the gold itself? De Witt ... Joss Ackland Hooker ... Christopher Cazenove Evans ... Michael Bryant Directed by Derek Hoddinott Originally broadcast on the BBC World Service 24 April 1976

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


(4 stars)

Excellent reading/acting by the gents in a very dramatic story/play. I had fun listening to this!