Princess Sukey: The Story of a Pigeon and Her Human Friends

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(4.5 stars; 3 reviews)

Dear little Princess Sukey sitting by the fire—pretty little pigeon—of what is she thinking as she dreamily eyes the blazing wood? If a pigeon could review its past life, what she has of bird mind would be running back over the series of adventures that she had ere she established herself in this well ordered household.
Has she any mentality of her own, or are all pigeons stupid as has been said? Listen to her story, and judge for yourself. (Excerpt from Chapter I)

Additional proof-listening by KHand and Oreki.
(8 hr 59 min)


Dedication 1:02 Read by Susheel C
Chapter 1: The Pigeon Princess 20:31 Read by VachaT
Chapter 2: Mrs. Blodgett's Opinion 18:29 Read by VachaT
Chapter 3: Happy Times 13:14 Read by Susheel C
Chapter 4:The Judge's Vow 36:24 Read by Susheel C
Chapter 5: A Surprise for the Judge 31:44 Read by SmilingJade
Chapter 6: In the Pigeon Loft 33:10 Read by SmilingJade
Chapter 7: Birds of Heaven 9:06 Read by Guernica
Chapter 8: To Adopt or Not to Adopt 16:32 Read by Lan Kao
Chapter 9: Another Surprise 19:48 Read by Natalia
Chapter 10: The English Boy 31:22 Read by TR Love
Chapter 11: Deceit and Forgiveness 21:07 Read by TR Love
Chapter 12: The Yellow Spotted Dog 14:12 Read by TR Love
Chapter 13: Higby and the Owls 21:58 Read by Susheel C
Chapter 14: A Call From Airy 22:20 Read by June Weintraub
Chapter 15: A Drive with the Judge 16:26 Read by June Weintraub
Chapter 16: The Spotted Dog Again 10:43 Read by VachaT
Chapter 17: Titus as a Philanthropist 12:03 Read by VachaT
Chapter 18: Airy's Second Call on the Judge 9:46 Read by VachaT
Chapter 19: Dallas Takes a Hand at Management 13:22 Read by VachaT
Chapter 20: The Cat Man and the Judge's Family 18:04 Read by VachaT
Chapter 21: Mafferty Unfolds a Plot 24:49 Read by TR Love
Chapter 22: The Judge Gets a Shock 23:03 Read by TR Love
Chapter 23: Mrs. Everest Begins to Explain 16:55 Read by czandra
Chapter 24: The Explanation Continued 18:26 Read by czandra
Chapter 25: Visitors for the Judge 16:12 Read by littlemissclumsy
Chapter 26: The Only Son of a Widow 25:31 Read by ChristineO
Chapter 27: Mr. Hittaker Calls on the Judge 8:34 Read by Kaitlyn Cleary
Chapter 28: The Judge Reviews His Family 14:14 Read by littlemissclumsy