Anne of the Island

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This is the continuing story of Anne Shirley and the third book in the Anne of Green Gables series. In it Anne attends Redmond College where she is studying for her BA. She has many trials and tribulations along the way, including some romance. In Anne of the Island the reader is also introduced to many new characters, that in the true sense of Anne are also "kindred spirits".
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Chapter 01 - The Shadow of Change 19:19 Read by JemmaBlythe
Chapter 02 - Garlands of Autumn 16:52 Read by JemmaBlythe
Chapter 03 - Greeting and Farewell 12:53 Read by JemmaBlythe
Chapter 04 - April's Lady 23:52 Read by JemmaBlythe
Chapter 05 - Letters from Home 16:18 Read by Annie Coleman Rothenberg
Chapter 06 - In the Park 13:23 Read by Annie Coleman Rothenberg
Chapter 07 - Home Again 17:24 Read by Annie Coleman Rothenberg
Chapter 08 - Anne's First Proposal 9:42 Read by Annie Coleman Rothenberg
Chapter 09 - An Unwelcome Lover and a Welcome Friend 16:34 Read by Michael Nelson
Chapter 10 - Patty's Place 15:56 Read by Franziska Nelson
Chapter 11 - The Round of Life 15:03 Read by frenchfry
Chapter 12 - Averil's Atonement 13:39 Read by frenchfry
Chapter 13 - The Way of Transgressors 17:33 Read by frenchfry
Chapter 14 - The Summons 14:48 Read by Baranduin
Chapter 15 - A Dream Turned Upside Down 8:50 Read by Baranduin
Chapter 16 - Adjusted Relationships 20:00 Read by Baranduin
Chapter 17 - A Letter from Davy 5:40 Read by Randi Warwick
Chapter 18 - Miss Josephine Remembers the Anne-girl 9:54 Read by Randi Warwick
Chapter 19 - An Interlude 7:20 Read by Maddie
Chapter 20 - Gilbert Speaks 10:27 Read by Kristin Hughes (1974-2021)
Chapter 21 - Roses of Yesterday 9:05 Read by JemmaBlythe
Chapter 22 - Spring and Anne Return to Green Gables 9:39 Read by JemmaBlythe
Chapter 23 - Paul Cannot Find the Rock People 6:30 Read by Luisa Hall
Chapter 24 - Enter Jonas 9:27 Read by Kymm Zuckert
Chapter 25 - Enter Prince Charming 10:13 Read by Kymm Zuckert
Chapter 26 - Enter Christine 5:49 Read by Kymm Zuckert
Chapter 27 - Mutual Confidences 8:53 Read by Kymm Zuckert
Chapter 28 - A June Evening 7:41 Read by Kymm Zuckert
Chapter 29 - Diana's Wedding 6:22 Read by Kymm Zuckert
Chapter 30 - Mrs. Skinner's Romance 5:56 Read by rachelellen
Chapter 31 - Anne to Philippa 4:44 Read by rachelellen
Chapter 32 - Tea with Mrs. Douglas 7:52 Read by rachelellen
Chapter 33 - He Just Kept Coming and Coming 5:42 Read by rachelellen
Chapter 34 - John Douglas Speaks at Last 8:22 Read by rachelellen
Chapter 35 - The Last Redmond Year Opens 11:30 Read by rachelellen
Chapter 36 - The Gardners' Call 10:05 Read by Christiane Levesque
Chapter 37 - Full-fledged B.A.'s 10:12 Read by Christiane Levesque
Chapter 38 - False Dawn 12:13 Read by Betsie Bush
Chapter 39 - Deals with Weddings 14:45 Read by Betsie Bush
Chapter 40 - A Book of Revelation 9:26 Read by Betsie Bush
Chapter 41 - Love Takes Up the Glass of Time 11:34 Read by Betsie Bush


Love, love, love it

(5 stars)

Good readers, good story, well presented. What can I say? Also, chapter 20 fairly broke my heart

Anne of the island

(5 stars)

love love love loved this book! can't wait 2 hear th next!!

hello my name is Hannah

(5 stars)

I love the most wonderful story. sooooooooooo I love Anne of avonle

Thank you volunteers

(5 stars)

A lovely story read by lovely volunteers!

Lesser version

(2 stars)

The version read by Karen Savage is far superior. Her readings are consistent and of a far better quality. I recommend you listen to that one instead.

GREAT story. Poor narration.

(2 stars)

Wonderful story. Some of the narrators were delightful to listen to. Others, however, especially the gal who read the last few chapters…well, the sound of her voice felt like glass shards scraping against my ear drums and brain. It actually made me cringe in pain several times. Oof.


(5 stars)

This is my favorite book series, and this book is so good! if you havent already, then go read the first two before this one!!

(5 stars)

What a lovely book! I'm almost too amazed to write this comment! I'm forever obliged to you guys who have read this most enchanting book!