An Indescribable Beauty

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An Indescribable Beauty A young German writes letters home to his mother after immigrating to Wellington in 1859. Wellington, 1859, and a young German immigrant called Friedrich August Krull writes a series of letters home to his mother about his new life in a far-flung country. More than century later, those letters have been collected in a new book An Indescribable Beauty, published by Awa Press. The letters capture a country on the cusp of change, and describe a New Zealand we would struggle to recognise today. This four-part documentary series is produced by Justin Gregory and features Adrian Hollay, Gavin McLean, James Bade and Marama Muru-Janning.   Radio New Zealand An Indescribable Beauty (Part 1) 14 Sep 2012 Krull arrives in Wellington and is excited by what he finds there. He’s also appalled at how much everything costs, and stunned by how hard the wind blows.  An Indescribable Beauty (Part 2) 21 Sep 2012 Friedrich Krull ventures out of Wellington for the first time. He travels into Wairarapa in search of wild bush, exotic birdlife and “dangerous natives”   An Indescribable Beauty (Part 3) 28 Sep 2012 Friedrich Krull and best friend Karl Hartmann walk the length of the Kapiti Coast. Along the way they dodge desperate outlaws, visit a village that is just about to disappear, and meet two giant figures of the Kingitanga movement. An Indescribable Beauty (Part 4)
 5 Oct 2012
 Krull gets a taste of home while visiting German settlers in Nelson. But first, he casts his eye over race relations and considers questions of class - and money.  

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


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Thank you! It does sound like an interesting project! How to search: Go to Advanced Search-Google Enter: Friedrich August Krull Scroll down to Region Scroll down to New Zealand Click on: Advanced Search The results will only be from New Zealand. W

Really interesting

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This inspired to look for the book. I definitely want to know more.