Bernard Shaw The Apple Cart

The Shaw Festival: The Apple Cart Mon 13th Oct 1980, 19:50 on BBC Radio 4 FM A political extravaganza in two acts and an interlude by Bernard Shaw A typically Shavian look at the future - to a time when all people now livIngare dead. Written in 1928, many of Shaw's prophecies are becoming alarmingly true. Directed By: Ian Cotterell   King Magnus: Peter Barkworth the Prime Minister: Nigel Stock Boanerges: Colin Douglas Lysistrata: Elizabeth Spriggs Amanda: Dilys Laye Orinthia: Prunella Scales Pamphilius: Brian Sanders sempronius: Christopher Scott The Princess Royal: Amanda Murray Nicobar: Brian Baines Pliny: Patrick Barr Balbus: Michael McStay Crassus: Godfrey Kenton The Queen: Sonia Fraser Mr Vanhattan: John Church The Narrator: Denys Hawthorne Two Acts and an Interlude

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.