Choral Evensong - Chester Cathedral

Choral Evensong Wed 26th Sep 2001, 16:00 on BBC Radio 3 Live from Chester Cathedral.   Introit: 0 for a Closer Walk (Ives). Responses (Sanders). Psalm 119, wl45-176 (Crotch, Battishill, Wesley, Foster). First Lesson: Ecclesiasticus 45, wl5-25. Office Hymn: Lord of Beauty (Regent Square). Canticles: Brewer in D. Second Lesson: John 8, w31--47. Anthem: The Water of Life (Paul Leddington Wright ). Hymn: Filled with the Spirit's Power (Farley Castle). Christ's Blessing (Paul Leddington Wright ). Organ Voluntary: Fantasy and Fugue in B flat (Boely). Director of music David Poulter. Assistant director of music Benjamin Saunders. Assistant organist Philip Stopford.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.