Chris Mc Hallem Christmas At Farkham Hall

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Chris McHallem Farkham Hall at Christmas   RTÉ Radio 1: Drama on One: Sun, 27 Dec 2015 A tale of war, nobility and occasional cross-dressing. With some adult content both upstairs and downstairs. “Since the end of the first war with the Boers, the British Army had been at peace……Apart from the second war with the Boers…..” Farkham Hall at Christmas follows the trials and tribulations of Lord and Lady Farkham (and all the young Farkhams) between the outbreak of World War One and Christmas 1914. A tale of war, inheritance, opium use and the Irish Republican Brotherhood.    Cast and Crew Philip O Sullivan (Farley Nims) Stephen Brennan (Dudley Nims) Kate O’Toole (Pandora Nims) Chris McHallem (Biles) Joe Taylor (Hansi Hupt, Colonel, John Cooper, Clerk of His Majesty’s Postal Service) Peter Gaynor (Farley as a younger man) Sam O’Mahony (George Nims) Serena Brabazon (Alexandra Nims) Aileen Mythen (Nessa Nims & Lydia Vickers) Noni Stapleton (Cookie) Emmet Kirwan (Connie) Fiona Bell (Mrs Driver) Aonghus Óg McAnally (Lorcan) Harmonica Recordings were by Mick Kinsella Dramaturg:  Jesper Bergmann Sound Supervision: Richard McCullough Producer: Kevin Brew Series Producer: Kevin Reynolds

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.