Edward Boyd
 Curlew in Autumn

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Curlew in Autumn A vintage thriller serial in six episodes by Edward Boyd with David Ashton as Peter Calman 01 Bankrupt A small town in Galloway, on the South-west coast of Scotland. A cottage mysteriously unchanged since 1941. A dead nurse. And lawyer Peter Caiman with £1 million in his bank account, and no idea how it got there. Peter Calman: David Ashton Jenny: Stella Forge Magda: Vivienne Dixon Old Hansford: Ian Stewart Douglas: Robert Paterson   Jock: John Shedden   Receptionist: Tamara Kennedy Anderson/McLeod: John Buick Nurse Nicolson: Anne Cullen 02 Hit and Run Nurse Nicolson lies dead in the mortuary. Suspicion lies on Peter Caiman. And someone is lying through their teeth. Dunsmore: Gregor Fisher Peter Caiman: David Ashton Anderson/mcLeod: John Buick Douglas/Elphinstone: Robert Paterson Magda: Vivienne Dixon Old Hansford: Ian Stewart 03 The Cottage A mysterious German patriarch, a model of a Junkers 88, another unexplained death - perhaps Caiman should have taken up jogging after all. Peter Caiman: David Ashton Dunsmore: Gregor Fisher Jenny: Stella Forge Old Hansford: Ian Stewart Scholl: Brown Derby Mary: Doreen Cameron Receptionist: Tamara Kennedy Dr Webber: Sandy Neilson 04 The Hermit Old Hansford has died. Tim Leighton has disappeared. Dr Webber has a suspicious suntan. Hardly the time, you would think, for Caiman to go poaching at Dungrennan Bay. Peter Caiman: David Ashton Dunsmore: Gregor Fisher Jenny: Stella Forge Brill: Finlay Welsh Scholl: Brown Derby Dr Webber: Sandy Neilson 05 Dungrennan Bay In which Caiman takes the Tinker's path to moonlit Dungrennan Bay - and gets singed by a fat dragon in a Welshman's cave. Dunsmore: Gregor Fisher. Walter Hansford: Ronald Aitken Bullivant: Arthur Boland Brill/Clerk: Finlay Welsh Receptionist: Tamara Kennedy Douglas: Robert Paterson 06 Back to the Cave The Temple of Peace, the missing hermit, the dead nurse and the model Junkers 88 - it's all coming together. But the Fat Man is trying to make Peter Caiman fall apart. Peter Caiman: David Ashton Dunsmore: Gregor Fisher Jenny: Stella Forge Walter Hansford: Ronald Aitken Scholl: Brown Derby Chief Constable: John Buick Constable Douglas: Robert Paterson Bullivant: Arthur Boland Leighton: Tom Criddle Directed by: Patrick Rayner BBC Scotland First broadcast:    From Sun 8th Apr 1984, 19:00 on BBC Radio 4 FM

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excellent series

(4 stars)

Had never heard of this one, looks like it was broadcast recently for the first time since 1984. Many thanks for sharing. Edward Boyd did some excellent stories for radio - "Candle of Darkness", "Castles in Spain", "The Same River Twice". There was also "Badger by Owl-light". Good to learn of this one.

Thank you!

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Happy you found this drama...