Persuasion (version 2)

Read by Elizabeth Klett

(4.8 stars; 1036 reviews)

Eight years ago, Anne Elliot fell in love with a poor but ambitious young naval officer, Frederick Wentworth. The Elliots were dissatisfied with Anne's choice, feeling he was not distinguished enough for their family, and her older friend and mentor, Lady Russell, acting in place of Anne's deceased mother, persuaded her to break off the match. Now 27 and considered a spinster, Anne re-encounters her former fiance, now a captain, as he courts her spirited young neighbour, Louisa Musgrove. The self-interested machinations of Anne's older sister Elizabeth, of Elizabeth's friend Mrs. Clay, and of Anne's father's heir, William Elliot, constitute an important subplot. (Summary from Wikipedia). (7 hr 52 min)


Chapter 01 16:24 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 02 11:44 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 03 17:16 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 04 11:15 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 05 19:12 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 06 20:13 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 07 18:32 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 08 18:54 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 09 16:00 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 10 21:42 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 11 17:24 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 12 30:06 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 13 15:34 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 14 14:13 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 15 16:30 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 16 14:46 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 17 20:22 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 18 22:42 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 19 13:34 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 20 20:00 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 21 38:18 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 22 31:18 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 23 37:31 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 24 8:44 Read by Elizabeth Klett


Excellent reading of my favorite Austen novel

(5 stars)

Elizabeth Klett delivers another outstanding performance and brings this exquisite novel to life. Between Karen Savage and Elizabeth Klett, Librivox has two of the best Austen readers in the English speaking world!

Highest quality reading

(5 stars)

Wow! A professional quality reading of this wonderful novel that kept me company on a long drive down the M6. The reader, Elizabeth Klett, enunciates beautifully and her English accents are just about perfect. Sound quality is also outstanding. One of the best VibriVox recordings to date. (TheBookworm, Manchester, UK)


(5 stars)

As I began listening, I thought, "Oh no, Jane Austen read by an American?" But Elizabeth Klett's reading is perfect. Beside her flawless accent and enunciation, her characterization is the best I've heard in any recording. She does not try to come off as a woman of amazingly varied voices, but reads each character simply and convincingly. One has no trouble recognizing characters of the opposite sex, for instance, even though she does not try to alter her voice.

Excellent, well read

(5 stars)

I had some concerns about my favourite Author being read by an American, but Elizabeth Klett must be applauded for such a beautiful reading of Persuasion.

Engaging and Realistic Version

(5 stars)

Elizabeth Klett's reading of persuasion is realistic yet engaging - each of the characters have distinctive voices and tones , but they are still very believable . As a person who normally prefers reading hard copy books , I am often wary of audio recordings , especially free ones . When I first tried to read Austen on paper however , I could not understand the old English- so I decided to try librivox : Ms. Klett's various Austen audio recordings are to this day the only ones I not only love best , but am able to analyze and imagine the plot , characters , conflict , etc .in the most effective and efficient way possible . Thanks to people like Ms. Klett, librivox is a tool that I now use regularly . I read her version of Jane Eyre, and all her Austen novels , and each were amazing . All I would say is that since she is American , sometimes her British accent sounds un genuine , and occasionally the audio recordings have some background noise , but those are minor issues that don't really bother me . All in all , Ms. Klett is the one that fostered my love for Jane Austen , and I am forever indebted to her for making the listening of an older book such a wonderful experience .

I've really come to love this story

(5 stars)

I have loved Jane Austens works for many years. But for no reason in particular, I'd never read, or listened to Persuasion. This happily remedied by my introduction to Librivox. I adore this story and it quickly became a favorite. And I can honestly say it's without question made even more enjoyable by the talented reader, Elizabeth Klett. I've chosen several books on her merits alone. She reads so well and with such fluidity. Never stumbling between characters, her vocal alterations subtle but easily distinguishable, fine ascents, and attitudes will played never over done. She has a talent of bringing the characters to life so well that I'm always immediately taken into the stories she reads. And there I remain with ease through to the Final Chapter. I think I look for her name almost as much as I do the titles of the books. Indeed, Ms Klett and Karen Savage are my absolute favorite readers readers on Librivox.

5 stars for the reader!

(4 stars)

Persuasion is a bit slow to start. While it's not Austen's best, her best sets a very high bar, and this is a very enjoyable story. Elizabeth Klett is a masterful reader - I follow her around Librivox. Well worth a listen!

(5 stars)

As always I was charmed by Elizabeth Klett's reading. I actually was charmed by Persuasion. Jane Austen is showing more and more emancipated point of views even though the story is lovely. I actually think this one will be my favourite Austen