The Green Millennium

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(4.6 stars; 20 reviews)

From the classic science-fiction and fantasy author Fritz Leiber comes this intriguing tale of a green cat. From the author's introduction: "The world Phil Gish lived in was not a pretty one, and Phil didn't enjoy living in it. He was disillusioned, purposeless, hopeless, and haunted by the fear that a robot would take over his job. But then Phil was a timid person, not much given to adventure seeking. If he hadn't been so mild he might have found his kicks at All Amusements, the syndicated playground where anyone could find fun, providing he had the proper sadistic and otherwise aberrated elements in his personality. But Phil was good—and bored.

And then one day a cat perched on his window—not an ordinary cat—a green cat. For the first time in years Phil was happy. He promptly named the cat Lucky because he somehow knew that as long as the cat stayed with him he'd feel fine. But Lucky didn't stay long. In a matter of minutes he had disappeared into All Amusements park. It was then that Phil became involved in a grotesque world, peopled with the most extraordinary personalities. Just what the cat is and its ultimate meaning is the secret of it all. You will be surprised." - Summary by Larry Wilson (6 hr 47 min)


Chapter 1 21:37 Read by Rich Brown
Chapter 2 24:23 Read by Jessica Martin
Chapter 3 10:23 Read by Aric Reed
Chapter 4 18:11 Read by fletcb09
Chapter 5 19:52 Read by Mike O'Brien
Chapter 6 21:40 Read by Christine Rottger
Chapter 7 34:54 Read by Christine Rottger
Chapter 8 16:19 Read by Chad Jackson
Chapter 9 15:00 Read by Francesco F
Chapter 10 19:04 Read by Mira Williams
Chapter 11 18:28 Read by Mira Williams
Chapter 12 32:19 Read by JayS
Chapter 13 10:16 Read by Roger Melin
Chapter 14 21:53 Read by Roger Melin
Chapter 15 21:55 Read by Harley James
Chapter 16 26:04 Read by Mira Williams
Chapter 17 10:51 Read by Aric Reed
Chapter 18 20:41 Read by Harley James
Chapter 19 26:16 Read by Roger Melin
Chapter 20 17:48 Read by Mira Williams


well read

(5 stars)

strange and unique tale that kept me on the edge of my seat. will be looking for more by this author.


(5 stars)

Thank you, the book was very enjoyable to listen to 😃

A lot of fun!

(5 stars)

A super fun, sci-fi romp. sometimes surreal, and always surprising. This was so different from "Conjure Wife", the last Leiber story I listened to, although it has connections to that and to "A Bad Day for Sales".