Billy Whiskers, The Autobiography of a Goat (Version 2)

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This is the original story in the beloved series of Billy Whisker books by Frances Trego Montgomery. Billy is a loveable goat whose adventures always entertain. Of course, adventure for Billy usually means trouble. Whether Billy is in the country where someone ends up in the duck pond, or in the city where he joins the fire brigade, mischief is his middle name. But he meets Nanny and them finds his way to the circus where we have a day-by-day account of his adventures there. - Summary by Larry Wilson (3 hr 31 min)


Mr. Wagner Buys a Goat 9:39 Read by Chad Jackson
Billy Whiskers Makes Trouble 5:39 Read by taliarose8
Billy at the Soda Fountain 16:30 Read by AnnaR77
Billy Gives the Boys a Ducking in the Mill Pond 12:32 Read by mleigh
Billy's Adventures in Town 11:44 Read by mleigh
Billy Has a Ride in the Police Patrol Wagon 6:40 Read by Alan Lord
Billy Joins the Fire Patrol 18:05 Read by Alan Lord
Billy and Nanny Get into Mischief 10:57 Read by mleigh
Billy and Nanny Are Married 14:30 Read by Alan Lord
Billy As a Performer in the Circus 27:34 Read by Alan Lord
Billy and the Snakes 11:38 Read by Tom Merritt
What Billy Did on Sunday 14:36 Read by Tom Merritt
What Billy Did on Monday 6:55 Read by Tom Merritt
What Billy Did on Tuesday 10:22 Read by Tom Merritt
What Billy Did on Wednesday 6:11 Read by Tom Merritt
What Billy Did on Thursday 10:26 Read by tellier84
What Billy Did on Friday 8:20 Read by Brant Burgiss
Billy Finds Nanny 9:17 Read by Cindy Gorman


uh oh

(5 stars)

I agree entirely with my esteemed colleague Dr Raycyst, yet I do have one objection to his theory that the destruction of all goats would help end raycysm. In essentiality, not all goats are old white billionairs! In fact, some are Mexican Transgender Bisexual goats! Imagine the outcry of the socially aware social justice warriors were these worthy goats to be murdered... nay, 'tis better to leave the goats alone and simply destroy all people named Bobby.

very good. However it must be understood the goat is white

(5 stars)

Since the goat is white he is the recipient of structural privilege. We must kill this imaginary goat, kill the author and kill all goats. This way we can pat ourselves on the back for being for social justice warriors