The Elusive Pimpernel

Read by Karen Savage

(4.8 stars; 836 reviews)

First Published in 1908, The Elusive Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy is the 4th book in the classic adventure series about the Scarlet Pimpernel. (Summary from Wikipedia)

1: The Scarlet Pimpernel
2: I Will Repay
2.5: The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel
3: pimpernel&search;_form=advanced
4: El Dorado: Further Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel
5: Lord Tony's Wife
6: The Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel
7: Sir Percy Hits Back
Prequel: The Laughing Cavalier
(7 hr 30 min)


Paris: 1793 12:22 Read by Karen Savage
A Retrospect 8:33 Read by Karen Savage
Ex-Ambassador Chauvelin 16:55 Read by Karen Savage
The Richmond Gala 17:41 Read by Karen Savage
Sir Percy and His Lady 8:13 Read by Karen Savage
For the Poor of Paris 17:00 Read by Karen Savage
Premonition 7:47 Read by Karen Savage
The Invitation 6:15 Read by Karen Savage
Demoiselle Candeille 13:17 Read by Karen Savage
Lady Blakeney's Rout 9:25 Read by Karen Savage
The Challenge 16:13 Read by Karen Savage
Time – Place – Conditions 22:59 Read by Karen Savage
Reflections 5:49 Read by Karen Savage
The Ruling Passion 14:56 Read by Karen Savage
Farewell 12:26 Read by Karen Savage
The Passport 10:01 Read by Karen Savage
Boulogne 17:00 Read by Karen Savage
No. 6 18:47 Read by Karen Savage
The Strength of the Weak 10:30 Read by Karen Savage
Triumph 8:17 Read by Karen Savage
Suspense 6:59 Read by Karen Savage
Not Death 20:48 Read by Karen Savage
The Hostage 19:52 Read by Karen Savage
Colleagues 14:45 Read by Karen Savage
The Unexpected 17:55 Read by Karen Savage
The Terms of the Bargain 18:19 Read by Karen Savage
The Decision 4:20 Read by Karen Savage
The Midnight Watch 13:37 Read by Karen Savage
The National Fete 12:16 Read by Karen Savage
The Procession 12:06 Read by Karen Savage
Final Dispositions 12:46 Read by Karen Savage
The Letter 12:50 Read by Karen Savage
The English Spy 12:49 Read by Karen Savage
The Angelus 9:17 Read by Karen Savage
Marguerite 7:06 Read by Karen Savage


One of the best readers

(5 stars)

Karan's reading is excellent. Surely she's a professional doing some pro bono work. If not, we should find a way to get this most talented volunteer into the biz.

Great story, Excellently Read

(5 stars)

Karen Savage is by far the best reader I've heard on LibriVox! I'm always very happy to find titles read by her. Especially when there're French words to read, she doesn't stumble at them, but glides right through with perfect accent, cadence and intonation. And her expression and and skill of reading are so perfectly pleasant, very engaging, not droning monotone, not overly dramatic or with awkward forced voicing. Super high quality. The Elusive Pimpernel is very good too - a great balance of history, adventure, intrigue and romance. And it's accesible...not too heady, and doesn't require too much active thinking to follow and stay engaged.

Dragged on

(2 stars)

after hearing Karen Savage read The Scarlet Pimpernel, I was hoping this sequel would be as interesting. While Karen Savage could make reading the phone book interesting, the novel here was not at all worthy of her talent. the heroine of the book was an incapable comatose ninny for most of it. It felt like half of the words in this book were used to describe people's feelings. It went on and on with people's feelings. if not for having been read by Karen Savage, I could have never finished this book.

Bravo from Borneo

(5 stars)

Excellent! There is much adventure and jeopardy in this novel and our dandy hero is at his eloquent best where fast and lively remarks are delivered in his trademark witty style, often to the chagrin of his enemies. Karen Savage truly brings the characters to life in such an engaging manner. She is one of my favourite narrators and I choose books based upon her being the narrator. Now, on to the next Pimperne book.

another superb reading from Karen Savage

(5 stars)

this is a very easy going story that's really doesn't require too much concentration to enjoy. What makes it worth the listen, however, is the sublime reading from Karen Savage. her character voicing and pace, together with superlative English and French accents make it a true pleasure to listen to...

Historical Romance

(5 stars)

Written so long ago, yet it reminds one of just how infectious a National Hatred can become. The French Revolution was much more brutal than "Google", or "Wikipedia" will allow to be informed. These characters, are tame, when compared to reality. Beautifully written story here.

great book!!

(5 stars)

Keren is doing an amazing job reading as always. the ending was a bit more predictable than in other pimpernel books. chronologically I am confused, but I think this book is best to be read second after the scarlet pimpernel and before El Dorado.

Very good audiobook!

(5 stars)

As always Miss Savage is very good reading English and French, so this is a very good audiobook and it is read wonderfully! The story is not as good as the original Scarlet Pimpernel, but it is a nice sequel.