The Rover Vol. 01 No. 21

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"The Rover: A weekly magazine of tales, poetry and engravings, original and selected" was a magazine started in 1843 by Seba Smith and Lawrence Labree. The editors aimed at a high quality standard in their selection of short stories and poetry. Every half-year, the 26 weekly issues were also published under a bound compilation. This is the 21st issue of the series with yet another interesting collection of short stories, poems and miscellania. - Summary by Sonia (2 hr 19 min)


Gowanus Bay, by Seba Smith 3:01 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Lovers; or, The Wager of a Thousand Ducats, by Lawrence Labree 23:12 Read by bgarretson
Timothy Tuttle; or, A Reminiscence of the Land Fever, by Nathaniel Deering 23:49 Read by Kriti Dwivedi
The Dairyman's Bill 11:36 Read by Kriti Dwivedi
Isadore, by C. D. Stuart 1:51 Read by Alan Mapstone
A Mother's Story, by Elizabeth Oakes Smith 25:29 Read by Jim Locke
The Spectre Ship of Salem 10:59 Read by Jim Locke
Sir Patrick Hume; A Tale of the House of Marchmont. From Tales of the Borders, … 22:47 Read by Greg Giordano
First Minister from the United States to Great Britain 9:56 Read by Alan Mapstone
Romance of Real Life 4:51 Read by EsoFlair
Jewish Superstition 1:51 Read by EsoFlair