The Story of Greece: Told to Boys and Girls

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(5 stars; 2 reviews)

A retelling of Greek myths, history and stories aimed at children. (11 hr 43 min)


To Joyce Moffatt Scott 4:14 Read by Lynne T
Wonderland 3:30 Read by Lynne T
The Great God Pan 5:37 Read by Lynne T
The Six Pomegranate Seeds 8:28 Read by Lynne T
The Birth of Athene 3:42 Read by Lynne T
The Two Weavers 6:07 Read by latinbob
The Purple Flowers 4:47 Read by Simona Rusu
Danae and her Little Son 10:51 Read by Kerry Adams
The Quest of Perseus 9:43 Read by Kerry Adams
Andromeda and the Sea-Monster 4:22 Read by Robin Lamb
Acrisius Is Killed by Perseus 4:53 Read by Robin Lamb
Achilles and Briseis the Fair-Cheeked 12:02 Read by PLaudadio
Menelaus and Paris Do Battle 6:19 Read by PLaudadio
Hector and Andromache 5:24 Read by PLaudadio
The Horses of Achilles 9:10 Read by Kerry Adams
The Death of Hector 13:59 Read by Kerry Adams
Polyphemus the Giant 8:11 Read by Simona Rusu
Odysseus Escapes from the Cave 5:57 Read by Elizabeth Horan
Odysseus Returns to Ithaca 5:11 Read by Elizabeth Horan
Argus the Hound Dies 6:01 Read by Elizabeth Horan
The Bow of Odysseus 9:53 Read by Marie Christian
The Land of Hellas 6:28 Read by MTLisa
Lycurgus and his Little Nephew 5:16 Read by kaylawhy
Lycurgus Returns to Sparta 6:08 Read by LakshmiSudha
The Training of the Spartans 6:16 Read by LakshmiSudha
The Helots 7:23 Read by Christoph Stangenberg
Aristomenes and the Fox 10:06 Read by Christoph Stangenberg
The Olympian Games 6:09 Read by Christoph Stangenberg
The Last King of Athens 4:56 Read by Christoph Stangenberg
Cylon Fails to Make Himself Tyrant 5:07 Read by benet1one
Solon Frees the Slaves 8:22 Read by Marie Christian
The Athenians Take Salamis 4:55 Read by cleosteinhauser
Pisistratus Become Tyrant 9:47 Read by Kerry Adams
Harmodius and Aristogiton 6:03 Read by Kerry Adams
The Law of Ostracism 3:34 Read by Andy Glover
The Bridge of Boats 7:32 Read by Kerry Adams
Darius Rewards Histiaeus 4:22 Read by MTLisa
Histiaeus Shaves the Head of His Slave 6:03 Read by Simona Rusu
Sardis is Destroyed 5:30 Read by Simona Rusu
The Sandal Sewn by Histiaeus 4:03 Read by TriciaG
Darius Demands Earth and Water 7:43 Read by Kerry Adams
The Battle of Marathon 6:53 Read by aldtuttle
Miltiades Sails to the Island of Paros 6:53 Read by Chip
Aristides Is Ostracised 8:30 Read by MTLisa
The Dream of Xerxes 7:02 Read by aldtuttle
Xerxes Orders the Hellespont to be Scourged 11:17 Read by aldtuttle
'The Bravest Man of All Hellas' 8:10 Read by Kerry Adams
The Battle of Thermopylae 11:07 Read by Kerry Adams
The Battle of Artemisium 4:36 Read by Kerry Adams
Themistocles Urges Eurybiades to Stay at Salamis 7:33 Read by KBoy16
Themistocles Tricks the Admirals 2:50 Read by KBoy16
The Battle of Salamis 6:37 Read by Trish Rutter
The Battle of the Plataea 12:22 Read by Kerry Adams
The Delian League 10:20 Read by Kerry Adams
Themistocles Deceives the Spartans 5:41 Read by Greg Giordano
Themistocles Is Ostracised 7:57 Read by Greg Giordano
The Eloquence of Pericles 9:27 Read by Greg Giordano
Pericles and Elpines 4:08 Read by Anita Hibbard
The City of Athens 5:56 Read by KBoy16
Great Men of Athens 3:23 Read by KBoy16
The Thebans Attack the Plataeans 5:02 Read by Kyle Mathews
Attica Is Invaded by the Spartans 4:27 Read by hopebucky
The Last Words of Pericles 6:25 Read by MTLisa
The Siege of Plataea 7:41 Read by Trish Rutter
The Sentence of Death 7:18 Read by aldtuttle
Brasidas Loses his Shield 4:31 Read by AnthonyT
The Spartans Surrender 6:45 Read by AnthonyT
Brasidas the Spartan 5:00 Read by AnthonyT
Amphipolis Surrenders to Brasidas 7:04 Read by AnthonyT
Alcibiades the Favourite of Athens 8:54 Read by Heather Eney
Socrates the Philosophy 5:52 Read by Heather Eney
Alcibiades Praises Socrates 9:01 Read by Heather Eney
The Images of Hermes Are Destroyed 5:02 Read by LucieLutin
Alcibiades Escapes to Sparta 4:15 Read by LucieLutin
The Siege of Syracuse 5:42 Read by LucieLutin
The Athenian Army Is Destroyed 6:32 Read by TriciaG
Alcibiades Returns to Athens 7:21 Read by Jared Shaw
Antiochus Disobeys Alcibiades 6:03 Read by Jared Shaw
The Walls of Athens Are Destroyed 6:29 Read by Jared Shaw
The March of the Ten Thousand 10:50 Read by Jared Shaw
Pelopidas and Epaminondas 9:25 Read by Jared Shaw
The Seven Conspirators 7:37 Read by Jared Shaw
The Battle of Leuctra 9:37 Read by Jared Shaw
The Death of Epaminondas 9:10 Read by Jared Shaw
The Two Brothers 7:54 Read by Mary Balmer
Timoleon Sends Dionysius to Corinth 7:39 Read by Greg Giordano
Icetes Tries to Kill Timoleon 7:04 Read by Christine Rottger
The Battle of Crimisus 7:34 Read by Christine Rottger
Demosthenes Wishes to Become an Orator 4:10 Read by Night
Demosthenes the Greatest Orator of Athens 5:12 Read by Night
The Sacred War 4:55 Read by CadenB
Alexander and Bucephalus 5:12 Read by CadenB
Alexander and Diogenes 5:05 Read by CadenB
The Battle of Granicus 4:42 Read by CadenB
The Gordian Knot 4:34 Read by CadenB
Darius Gallops from the Battlefield 6:08 Read by Elizabeth Horan
Tyre Is Stormed by Alexander 5:07 Read by Elizabeth Horan
The Battle of Gaugamela 5:29 Read by Elizabeth Horan
Alexander Burns Persepolis 4:54 Read by SirPratchett
Alexander Slays his Foster-Brother 8:45 Read by Christine Rottger
Porus and his Elephant 9:13 Read by Mary Balmer
Alexander Is Wounded 4:38 Read by Robin Lamb
The Death of Alexander 7:21 Read by Alex Steele
Demosthenes in the Temple of Poseidon 7:08 Read by Mary Balmer