The Ranch Girls at Rainbow Lodge

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(4.8 stars; 17 reviews)

The story of the four Ranch Girls is plainly just beginning. Girls so entirely unlike in temperament and ideals, as Jack, Jean, Olive and Frieda, cannot fail to lead lives that will develop in interest. (6 hr 22 min)


The Lost Trail 33:43 Read by Shasta
In the Shadow of the Giant's Face 23:48 Read by Shasta
Frieda and the Other Girl 28:20 Read by Shasta
The Rescue 14:56 Read by Cindy Winsor
Seeking Advice 15:21 Read by James R. Hedrick
The Arrival at the House Party 10:02 Read by James R. Hedrick
A Visit to Old Laska 12:13 Read by SopB
The Escape from the Dance 10:45 Read by James R. Hedrick
Jacqueline's Misfortune 16:33 Read by Janice McNally
Back to Rainbow Lodge 12:25 Read by Janice McNally
Breaking the News 17:42 Read by Janice McNally
On the Other Side of the Divide 14:33 Read by Janice McNally
The Wet Blanket 14:55 Read by Nancy Gorgen
An Unfortunate Arrival 11:43 Read by Nancy Gorgen
All Save, Jack! 14:45 Read by Nancy Gorgen
When Greek Meets Greek 10:03 Read by Nancy Gorgen
The Round Up 19:26 Read by Nancy Gorgen
A Race for Life 11:02 Read by Nancy Gorgen
No News 20:00 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Olive 18:41 Read by Nancy Gorgen
The Way of Escape 8:43 Read by cecilias
A Voice in the Night 12:55 Read by Mary Balmer
Jack is Happy 10:17 Read by Mary Balmer
Christmas Eve 19:30 Read by Nancy Gorgen



(5 stars)

Enjoyed. Read one of the later Ranch Girl books and I think the transitions are smoother,.however, the background within explain references. Thank you to the readers. All were good!

I enjoy these sweet stories

(5 stars)

It is nice to listen to a story for young people that isn't filled with darkness and perversion.

(4 stars)

A fun, old fashioned, Western story for, and about, girls. (Trigger alert: period typical sterotypes of Native Americans.)