Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 086

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

"The democracy of the future will sicken of a chronic and mortal boredom," was Aldous Huxley's prophecy for the United States in 1923. You won't be bored listening to these 20 recordings, selected by their readers, with topics ranging from Leacock's humorous Manual of Education to Unamuno's Tragic Sense of Life. There's an artist's diary (Thomas Cole); an after-dinner speech (Mark Twain); reflections on Beauty by John Burroughs; Willa Cather and Christopher Morley on writing; and Leibniz on the Origin of Things. Political topics include the Power of Third Parties; the House of Commons; the 1904 South Dakota Land Lottery; and an NAACP anti-lynching poster. The 1918 Influenza Epidemic mirrors today's Covid quarantine and mask requirements; while virtual adventure beckons in Königstein Fortress; an Equatorial Chinese Wedding; Nellie Bly; and An Humane Skeleton of Extraordinary Size. Finally, acts of heroism are celebrated in A Pioneer Girl and in Poland's Tadeusz Kościuszko. (Summary by Sue Anderson) (2 hr 57 min)


1100 Words 8:53 Read by Tom Merritt
An Account of an Humane Skeleton of an Extraordinary Size 4:39 Read by Rapunzelina
Before Beauty 22:25 Read by Mahimaraj
Elizabeth Cochrane (Nellie Bly) 7:54 Read by Availle
An Equatorial Chinese Wedding, 1897 7:57 Read by BettyB
The Heroism Of A Pioneer Girl 5:38 Read by Dale Grothmann
Influenza Masks and Prevention Measures, 1918 5:23 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Königstein Fortress 2:57 Read by Piotr Nater
The Ladies 7:17 Read by Ryan Williams
A Manual of Education 5:07 Read by czandra
Nature and Functions of the House of Commons 5:03 Read by Ryan Williams
On the Art of Fiction 4:40 Read by Tom Merritt
On the Ultimate Origin of Things, 1697 (excerpt) 9:42 Read by Craig Campbell
Pleasures 8:53 Read by Veronica Maresh Mead
Poster for the NAACP Anti-Lynching Campaign (1922) 3:23 Read by schrm
Power Of “Third” Parties 2:35 Read by Dale Grothmann
Tadeusz Kościuszko 13:59 Read by Piotr Nater
Thomas Cole's Journal 1834-1835 (excerpt) 17:56 Read by Sue Anderson
The Tragic Sense of Life (excerpt) 11:07 Read by Craig Campbell
Uncle Sam's Last Big Lottery: South Dakota Indian Lands, 1904 21:37 Read by Mary in Arkansas