The National Geographic Magazine Vol. 10 - 04. April 1899

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The National Geographic Magazine, an illustrated monthly, Vol X, April 1899.
It includes the following articles:

(1 hr 25 min)


The Sources of the Saskatchewan 25:36 Read by TR Love
The Sources of the Saskatchewan, continued 23:22 Read by Wayne Cooke
Exploration in the Canadian Rockies 3:35 Read by James R. Hedrick
How long a Whale may carry a Harpoon 6:25 Read by Availle
Shipbuilding in the United Kingdom in 1898 7:39 Read by Alan Mapstone
Geographic Literature 16:31 Read by BettyB
Major Jed Hotchkiss 2:08 Read by Larry Wilson


(5 stars)

this is delightful to hear. i can travel through time next to audacious explorers of their time.