Kari the Elephant (Version 2)

Read by Mahimaraj

(5 stars; 1 reviews)

Kari the Elephant is a 1922 work by Dhan Gopal Mukerji. The book is the first among those written in English by an Indian author in the category of children's literature. Kari the Elephant is a bildungsroman narrative that unravels the relationship shared by the protagonist boy and Kari the elephant and the adventures the boy, along with Kari and Kope, the pet monkey go through living by the edge of the forest is quite mesmerizing. Their relationship grows stronger with each adventure and their lives defy the boundaries between human and animal society. Set in a colonial Indian village, the treatment of nature and natural life along with the infiltration of capitalist mindset runs as a background to this narrative that eventually endangers this unique relationship the boy and Kari share. (Summary by Mahimaraj) (2 hr 40 min)


Bringing Up Kari 19:11 Read by Mahimaraj
How Kari Saved Our Lives 10:59 Read by Mahimaraj
Kari Goes to Town 22:00 Read by Mahimaraj
Kari's Adventure in Benares 17:44 Read by Mahimaraj
The Jungle Spirit 13:19 Read by Mahimaraj
Kari's Story 21:32 Read by Mahimaraj
The Tiger Hunt 22:09 Read by Mahimaraj
Kari and the Quick-sand 10:22 Read by Mahimaraj
Kari's Travels 13:09 Read by Mahimaraj
Kari in the Lumber Yard 10:19 Read by Mahimaraj