Sally on the Rocks

Read by annie70

(4.7 stars; 21 reviews)

Sally Lunton has led a bohemian lifestyle in Paris, but now at 31 she returns to Little Crampton disillusioned, no job, no money and no hopes for the future except a safe, if loveless, marriage.. Little Crampton has its complement of “typical” villagers – the pompous bank manager, the local gossip, the ageing parson – but this is spring 1915, and the young men are away fighting and dying in the Great War. Farms and businesses are struggling to exist, families are grieving and there are not many marriage prospects for a spirited, worldly young woman.

Sally's story is told with a mixture of wry humour, cynical observation and bitter anti-war sentiments that make this novel an interesting, emotional but never sentimental view of "English village life". (Summary by Anne Fletcher ) (10 hr 37 min)


The new bank manager is a bachelor, and simply rolling 28:30 Read by annie70
I am absolutely on the rocks, Lovey 27:35 Read by annie70
Isn't there a man called Bingley? 8:34 Read by annie70
Gracious, what a husband for 'Mrs Alfred Bingley!' 23:04 Read by annie70
You needn't be afraid your nose will ever be put out of joint 5:34 Read by annie70
You can put on your boots without a chair 22:53 Read by annie70
I hope I don't disturb your rest? 20:37 Read by annie70
Wealth lost, something lost; Honour lost, much lost; Courage lost, all lost. 27:41 Read by annie70
I am sick of the war 29:40 Read by annie70
Stop! ..Oh you little idiot. 30:38 Read by annie70
What on earth are you doing here? 13:40 Read by annie70
Jimmy, is that the girl you told me about? 22:02 Read by annie70
I might have known she would fail me. 8:50 Read by annie70
What sort of an Italian tour? 19:36 Read by annie70
Won't you give me another chance? 19:49 Read by annie70
You are hateful! I wish I hadn't saved you. 26:09 Read by annie70
Here's luck to my husband's wife 29:42 Read by annie70
I am afraid we are lost, my very dear Miss Sally 20:10 Read by annie70
But perhaps bank-managers don't curl? 39:54 Read by annie70
Oh, Mr Bingley. what a mercy you are safe! 19:07 Read by annie70
I think he's set on not getting better - dying belike, Miss Sally 12:31 Read by annie70
Will you stay with me to the end? 9:14 Read by annie70
Parson's Sally is to marry Mr Bingley of the bank 18:29 Read by annie70
How fond you are of the Mountain! 14:46 Read by annie70
After all, what could Mother really know? She wasn't a man 19:25 Read by annie70
I am lower than the beasts that perish 11:23 Read by annie70
Sally? Sally! 15:10 Read by annie70
Then I also give you a week 15:23 Read by annie70
Just fancy if there was a divorce in Litte Crampton, Mr Bingley! 23:20 Read by annie70
I never guessed there were two of me 17:32 Read by annie70
Even the "Soft Job" has got to be paid for 17:07 Read by annie70
In the midst of death 2:58 Read by annie70
I did some hustle for a husband 16:16 Read by annie70


(4 stars)

Excellent reader - one of my favorites! The book is well written and entertaining if you like early twentieth century village society novels . Still, with a different reader I know I would not have enjoyed it nearly as much. I hope she will read more for us !

Very intriguing book.

(5 stars)

This book is beautifully read by Annie. I highly recommend this book!


(5 stars)

Enjoyed . Great story. Great reader.