The Literature and History of New Testament Times

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There is a tendency in the modern Church to neglect the study of Bible history. Such neglect will inevitably result in a loss of power. The gospel is a record of something that has happened, and uncertainty about the gospel is fatal weakness. Furthermore the historical study of the apostolic age—that age when divine revelation established the great principles of the Church's life—is the best corrective for a thousand vagaries. Much can be learned from modern pedagogy; but after all what is absolutely fundamental, both for teacher and for student, is an orderly acquaintance with the Bible facts.

The Teacher's Manual, therefore, is intended not merely to offer suggestions as to methods of teaching, but primarily to supplement the teacher's knowledge. A teacher who knows only what he actually imparts to the class is inevitably dull. The true teacher brings forth out of his treasure things new and old. (Summary by Introduction) (15 hr 8 min)


Introduction 5:07 Read by InTheDesert
The New Testament 19:40 Read by DJRickyV
The Roman Background of Christianity 17:27 Read by MichelleKinge
The Greek Background of Christianity 20:07 Read by MichelleKinge
The Jewish Background of Christianity: I. Palestinian Judaism 16:26 Read by Kerry Adams
The Jewish Background of Christianity: II. The Judaism of the Dispersion 16:40 Read by Kerry Adams
The Messiah 18:49 Read by Kerry Adams
The Book of The Acts 19:14 Read by DJRickyV
The Cross and the Resurrection the Foundation of Apostolic Preaching 16:23 Read by Jacqueline Burrell Walton
The Beginnings of the Christian Church 17:44 Read by Jacqueline Burrell Walton
The First Persecution 17:56 Read by mleigh
The First Gentile Converts 9:02 Read by Mason Lewis
The Conversion of Paul 22:02 Read by Mahi
The Church at Antioch 15:22 Read by Bill Mosley
The Gospel to the Gentiles 19:12 Read by Bill Mosley
The Council at Jerusalem 16:27 Read by Bill Mosley
The Gospel Carried Into Europe 17:26 Read by jman45
Encouragement for Recent Converts 13:40 Read by Gillian Hendrie
The Conflict with the Judaizers 15:57 Read by Larry Wilson
Problems of a Gentile Church 16:03 Read by Larry Wilson
The Apostle and His Ministry 19:59 Read by Bill Mosley
The Gospel of Salvation 14:45 Read by Gillian Hendrie
Paul's Journey to Rome 11:59 Read by Bill Mosley
The Supremacy of Christ 16:36 Read by BrandonB
The Church of Christ 12:55 Read by BrandonB
Christ and His Followers 15:45 Read by BrandonB
Training New Leaders 20:54 Read by BrandonB
A Presentation of Jesus to Jewish Christians 24:38 Read by BrandonB
A Graphic Sketch of the Life of Jesus 12:58 Read by BrandonB
A Greek Historian's Account of Jesus 29:02 Read by DJRickyV
The Testimony of the Beloved Disciple 39:05 Read by DJRickyV
The Jesus of the Gospels 15:38 Read by mleigh
A Document of the Jerusalem Church 22:37 Read by MichelleKinge
Jesus the Fulfillment of the Old Testament 17:35 Read by MichelleKinge
Christian Fortitude 17:39 Read by Irene H. Suber
The Christian's Attitude Toward Error and Immorality 13:43 Read by Irene H. Suber
The Life of the Children of God 20:41 Read by DJRickyV
The Messages of the Living Christ 24:43 Read by DJRickyV
A Vision of the Final Triumph 11:43 Read by Andy Glover
Review 7:02 Read by InTheDesert
The Church and the World 16:24 Read by Owlivia
The Christian Message 17:01 Read by Jacqueline Tyler.
The Word and the Sacraments 19:09 Read by Owlivia
Prayer 20:14 Read by Ruth P.
The Congregation 12:40 Read by InTheDesert
The Relief of the Needy 18:51 Read by Ruth P.
Organizing for Service 17:42 Read by Margaret Herbers
A Mission for the World 16:24 Read by Margaret Herbers
The Christian Ideal of Personal Morality 16:21 Read by Margaret Herbers
Christianity and Human Relationships 16:15 Read by Owlivia
The Christian Use of the Intellect 15:37 Read by Margaret Herbers
The Christian Hope and the Present Possession 16:05 Read by Margaret Herbers
Retrospect: the First Christian Century 5:17 Read by InTheDesert