The Fairy Lady

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Don Manuel and Cosmo are visiting town to stay with Don Manuel's friend Don John de Toledo for the young Prince's christening, when suddenly a a veiled lady begs for their aid and protection. "My honour and my life are forfeit if I am overtaken or discovered by the person that comes yonder in pursuit of me." And so the intrigue of this farce begins....
- Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
Don Manuel Enriquez: Adrian Stephens
Don John de Toledo: Greg Giordano
Don Lewis de Toledo, his brother: ToddHW
Cosmo, Don Manuel's servant: Jake Malizia
Rodrigo, Don Lewis's servant: Alan Mapstone
Donna Angela, sister of Don John and Don Lewis: Sonia
Donna Beatrice: Availle
Isabella, Donna Angela's maid: WendyKatzHiller
One of the Ladies: Sanarik Moirangthem
Stage Directions: James R. Hedrick
Editing: ToddHW
(2 hr 26 min)


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Act 3 40:05 Read by LibriVox Volunteers


The Intrigue of The Fairy Lady

(5 stars)

A most quizzical yet amusing comedy.