The Art of Prophesying

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A treatise concerning the sacred and only true manner and method of preaching. To the faithful ministers of the gospel and to all that are desirous of and do labour for the knowledge of holy learning.

That common place of divinity, which concerneth the framing of sermons, is both weighty and difficult, if there be any other throughout all that sacred science. For the matter, which it is to explicate and treat on is prophecy; an excellent gift indeed, whether we consider it in respect of dignity, or of use.

I perused the writings of divines and having gathered some rules out of them, I have couched them in that method, which I have deemed most commodious: that they might be better for use and fitter for the memory. I do now betake you to God, and this (tractate of the) art of prophecying, both to you and to God.
December 12. 1592 - Summary adapted from preface (2 hr 44 min)


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