Billy Whiskers in France

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Billy Whiskers is in France, but he is homesick. Of course, he makes new friends and entangles himself in many adventures. He has encounters with nurses, farmers, and a terrible wharf rat. Why is he at a dog cemetery? Why is there a submarine explosion? Join our favorite goat on his adventures in France. - Summary by Larry Wilson (3 hr 41 min)


Billy Whiskers Grows Homesick 10:49 Read by Rich Brown
Billy Unexpectedly Meets a Friend 11:23 Read by nighthawks
An Inopportune Sneeze 20:32 Read by mleigh
The General Recaptures Billy 13:34 Read by Howard Skyman
Billy Nearly Kills the Cook 14:16 Read by Howard Skyman
Billy Relates Some of His Adventures 18:34 Read by Howard Skyman
Button Frightens Two Nurses 8:50 Read by Natalia
Billy Makes Plans to Leave France 14:29 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Button Discovers Spies in the Haymow 19:41 Read by LakshmiSudha
Button Makes the Farmer Fighting Mad 19:44 Read by Nan Dodge
The Chums on a Canal Boat 15:05 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Button Has a Fight with a Wharf Rat 11:01 Read by Nancy Gorgen
A Dog Cemetery in Paris 11:07 Read by Nancy Gorgen
What the Chums Did in Paris 19:42 Read by mleigh
Blown Up by a Submarine 12:16 Read by Nancy Gorgen