Hospital Sketches

Read by Aaron Elliott

(4.4 stars; 29 reviews)

Alcott in 1862 served as a nurse in Georgetown, D.C during the Civil War. She wrote home what she observed there. Those harrowing and sometimes humorous letters compiled make up Hospital Sketches. (Summary by Aaron Elliott)

(3 hr 8 min)


Chapter 01 - Obtaining Supplies 23:11 Read by Aaron Elliott
Chapter 02 - A Foreward Movement 20:42 Read by Aaron Elliott
Chapter 03 - A Day 29:43 Read by Aaron Elliott
Chapter 04 - A Night 42:05 Read by Aaron Elliott
Chapter 05 - Off Duty 40:05 Read by Aaron Elliott
Chapter 06 - A Postscript 32:33 Read by Aaron Elliott


We've come a Long Way

(4 stars)

This story of Louisa May Alcott's life will make you very appreciative of hospital stays in this country today. We've come a long way in our nursing of the wounded, the sick and the dying in America. The reader has an awkward pattern of reading.

LMA is such a delight!

(3.5 stars)

Sweet little story and fascinating to imagine. Narrator a bit fast but I'd rather that than too slow.

Great Story

(4 stars)

This book made me laugh and cry. It's interesting and very well written. The reading wasn't the best I've heard. Many times inflection and sometimes pronunciation were not spot on. That being said, there were times when the reading seamed to fade away and all I could hear was the story. So overall not bad.

Wonderful Little Book

(5 stars)

I quite enjoyed this little book and was so moved to remember the brave soldiers and nurses of our terrible Civil War. The reader grew on me as the story continued and I would listen to him again. Thank you Aaron.

Just not right

(2 stars)

Readers very modern speaking pattern just doesn’t fit the 100+ year manuscript. Maybe it’s just not for me.

(3 stars)

the story was very interesting, but the readers awkward pattern and pauses made it harder to "get into."

Hospital Sketches

(5 stars)

Excellent! It is a touching story of one young woman's experience in nursing.


(4.5 stars)

Based on Alcott life this was just great! Ok reader.