The Tale of Timothy Turtle (Version 2)

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(4.6 stars; 4 reviews)

For a fellow that can only waddle slowly and spends a lot of time sleeping on the bottom of the pond, Timothy Turtle has a surprising number of adventures. This is another fun book about creatures that behave surprisingly like humans. (Summary by Phil Chenevert) (1 hr 53 min)


A Famous Biter 4:21 Read by DerekP
An Old-Timer 4:44 Read by Kurt
Timothy's Grudge 4:49 Read by Kurt
A Tight Squeeze 5:05 Read by Kurt
Mr. Turtle's Mistake 4:35 Read by Kurt
Mr. Crow's Kind Offer 4:39 Read by DerekP
Learning to Fly3 4:32 Read by DerekP
Turning Turtle 5:04 Read by DerekP
A Pleasure Trip 3:57 Read by DerekP
A Warning 6:34 Read by mleigh
On the Beaver Dam 5:37 Read by mleigh
Kind Timothy Turtle 4:55 Read by mleigh
The Plot 3:43 Read by SilentKnight
Caught! 3:47 Read by SilentKnight
The Redskins' Way 5:08 Read by Kerry Adams
Johnnie Green's Initials 7:09 Read by Kerry Adams
Timothy Needs Help 4:37 Read by Ellen Adams
Peter Mink's Plan 4:36 Read by MichelleF
Careful Mr. Frog 5:23 Read by Mary Balmer
The Almanac 7:23 Read by MichelleF
A Queer Wish 4:31 Read by Nan Dodge
The Unwelcome Guest 3:58 Read by Nan Dodge
A Merry Song 4:45 Read by Nan Dodge