Billy Whiskers' Adventures

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Billy Whiskers, Stubby and Button return from France to New York where new adventures await our favorite goat and his friends. Trouble is sure to turn up in all sorts of places – at school, an unexpected shower, up in a dirigible and in Chicago. Who are the old crow and the elephant? - Summary by Larry Wilson (3 hr 18 min)


The Chums Return to the Land of the Free and the Brave 12:42 Read by Howard Skyman
The New York Dog and Cat Club 11:23 Read by Howard Skyman
An Exciting Evening 12:37 Read by Howard Skyman
An Unexpected Shower Bath 8:55 Read by Howard Skyman
What Happened on the Fourth of July 17:03 Read by Howard Skyman
Billy Whiskers Makes Trouble at School 17:08 Read by mleigh
Button's Day with Bella 11:16 Read by LakshmiSudha
Stubby Tells What Happened to Him 15:52 Read by seashell
The Chums Run Away 9:55 Read by Howard Skyman
Up in a Dirigible 20:05 Read by mleigh
The Old Crow Carries a Message to Nannie 6:20 Read by Little Beetle
Billy Whiskers' Family Start for Chicago 9:35 Read by TR Love
Billy Whiskers' Family Arrive at Lincoln Park 6:24 Read by TR Love
The Twins Are Lost 11:53 Read by TR Love
The Elephants Are Enraged at The Goats 16:45 Read by TR Love
A Panther Escapes from the Cage 10:17 Read by TR Love