For Love and Life Vol. II

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Edgar faces a crisis and must swallow his pride. Should he ask Lord Newmarch for a job? And what of his planned proposal to his beloved Gussy? In a flash, his plans... his life... have been turned upside down. (7 hr 32 min)


Intoxication 25:29 Read by davidholmesvoice
A youthful Solomon 20:29 Read by Christine Rottger
Harry 18:22 Read by Allyson
The Education of Women 21:48 Read by Winnifred Assmann
Mrs. Smith 17:21 Read by Allyson
In Love 21:13 Read by Lynne T
No Encouragement 18:41 Read by Yoganandh T
The Entertainment at the Shop 19:34 Read by Yoganandh T
Miss Lockwood’s Story 29:42 Read by Dawn Sutton
A Plunge into the Maze 19:14 Read by Allyson
In the Depths 16:33 Read by Allyson
A New Event 16:41 Read by Allyson
Berkeley Square 16:53 Read by Allyson
A Suggestion 19:36 Read by KimberlyB
The Ardens 18:31 Read by Allyson
The Old Home 20:04 Read by KimberlyB
Harry’s Turn 20:11 Read by Allyson
Other People’s Affairs 21:04 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Margaret 20:56 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Loch Arroch once more 17:56 Read by Allyson
The End of a Drama 20:59 Read by KimberlyB
Another Winding-up 16:32 Read by Allyson
H.B.M.’s Consul.—Conclusion 14:21 Read by Allyson