Billy Whiskers at the Fair

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Who doesn’t love a fair? Billy Whiskers, the mischievous goat sure does! When he leaves Cloverleaf farm his adventures take him to the laughing gallery, the balloon man, the pumpkin man and the fortune teller, and so much more. What does he do on his night with the Duke? - Summary by Larry Wilson (3 hr 18 min)


The Automobile Arrives 18:48 Read by Jeffrey Allen Stumpf
Fair Day Dawns 15:53 Read by Jeffrey Allen Stumpf
In the Needlework Exhibit 10:08 Read by Howard Skyman
The Baby Show 13:43 Read by Jananiram
The Balloon Man 11:21 Read by Nancy Gorgen
The Fortune Teller 12:08 Read by April6090
The Laughing Gallery 18:52 Read by mleigh
Billy Has an Encounter 12:51 Read by mleigh
A Night with the Duke 10:41 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Toppy to the Fore 19:22 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Threatened with Lockjaw 13:25 Read by April6090
The Pumpkin Man 11:17 Read by seashell
A Triumphant Home-Coming 18:10 Read by Nancy Gorgen
The Reward 11:33 Read by Nancy Gorgen