Anne of Avonlea (version 2)

Read by Karen Savage

(4.9 stars; 1005 reviews)

The second part in the story of Anne Shirley, covering her years of teaching at Avonlea School, before she heads off to college.

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(7 hr 17 min)


An Irate Neighbor 17:14 Read by Karen Savage
Selling in Haste and Repenting at Leisure 10:11 Read by Karen Savage
Mr. Harrison at Home 11:44 Read by Karen Savage
Different Opinions 8:14 Read by Karen Savage
A Full-fledged Schoolma'am 12:11 Read by Karen Savage
All Sorts and Conditions of Men . . . and Women 18:04 Read by Karen Savage
The Pointing of Duty 9:27 Read by Karen Savage
Marilla Adopts Twins 15:19 Read by Karen Savage
A Question of Color 10:19 Read by Karen Savage
Davy in Search of a Sensation 16:56 Read by Karen Savage
Facts and Fancies 15:12 Read by Karen Savage
A Jonah Day 12:18 Read by Karen Savage
A Golden Picnic 17:07 Read by Karen Savage
A Danger Averted 18:52 Read by Karen Savage
The Beginning of Vacation 13:38 Read by Karen Savage
The Substance of Things Hoped For 11:02 Read by Karen Savage
A Chapter of Accidents 17:35 Read by Karen Savage
An Adventure on the Tory Road 15:28 Read by Karen Savage
Just a Happy Day 18:52 Read by Karen Savage
The Way It Often Happens 13:15 Read by Karen Savage
Sweet Miss Lavendar 20:52 Read by Karen Savage
Odds And Ends 7:28 Read by Karen Savage
Miss Lavendar's Romance 11:54 Read by Karen Savage
A Prophet in His Own Country 14:33 Read by Karen Savage
An Avonlea Scandal 20:20 Read by Karen Savage
Around the Bend 18:15 Read by Karen Savage
An Afternoon at the Stone House 19:26 Read by Karen Savage
The Prince Comes Back to the Enchanted Palace 17:22 Read by Karen Savage
Poetry and Prose 11:06 Read by Karen Savage
A Wedding at the Stone House 13:07 Read by Karen Savage


(5 stars)

Karen does an amazing job reading. She brings this lovely story to life and imbues each character with personality. I was especially impressed with the way she managed to make Davy Keith & Paul Irving two entirely different little boy voices. Or that her voice as a narrator is distinct from all of her character voices. A fantastic reading!

Lovely Classic

(5 stars)

The reader did a good job at bringing the book to life. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this selection. As for the book itself, if you view each book in the series as pieces of the story of Anne's life, then it isn't at all others have complained. If it is directly compared, out of context to Anne of Green Gables, then you may be disappointed. I enjoy listening to all of the books and reliving my childhood. All in all, a fun little book about a beloved character who has a life full of silly little crises, lots of adventures, and a strong love for those near her. Sweet story.

Another tour de force by Karen

(5 stars)

Karen's sweet, girlish and wonderfully expressive voice has made for another well-read book with all the characters speaking in their own unique tones that let's one know who is speaking without the oft-redundant "he said's" and "she said's" as nessescitated by other writers and lessor readers. I feel certain that Karen would make an excellent voice actress: she is already a first-rate amateur and would do equally well in a paid role. Karen dear, you really would do well to write one or two children's books and narrate them, I'm certain you do an outstanding job I love the way you make Davy sound mischievous, contrite and inquisitive all at once. How do you do it? "I want to know!" :-)

A Very Worthy Sequel

(5 stars)

I doubted that any sequel could match the charm of the first novel and initially thought I was correct. However, Montgomery does a good job of transitioning into Anne's teenage years and maturing the tone of the story while maintaining the atmosphere that makes these books so wonderful. These books always surprise me with their moments of profound depth and the palpable sense of magic in these novels. Also, Ms. Karen Savage continues reading perfectly; I am so excited to hear her narrate the other volumes.

Contagious Imaginings

(5 stars)

I hardly was able to get through listening to the first chapter of the first book of this series, but upon completion I was addicted to listening to it. Karen Savage is a talented and exquisite reader. Lucy Maud M. was an inspired author. I would recommend this to anyone who is open to imagination.

Wonderful story with a top notch reader!

(5 stars)

L.M. Montgomery has been a lifelong favorite author of mine. I love to transport myself into the worlds she creates and Karen Savage makes that so easy and pleasurable. This is the BEST version of the book I've ever heard. Thanks Karen for delivering a beautiful reading of a classic!


(5 stars)

This is a gorgeous book! This series has always been a favorite since my mother first read it to me! Anne is such a wonderfully written character. She has the power to make you laugh, make you cry but always finds a way to make sure you keep dreaming no matter what! Just simply beautiful!

Lovely book. Superb reader.

(5 stars)

This book reminds us that a good life is a simple one, where community and nature are important to our well being. We have forgotten these in our modern 'busy' lives. I loved Karen Savage's reading. Thank you so much for many hours of pure pleasure Karen.