In the North Woods of Maine

Read by KevinS

(4.8 stars; 27 reviews)

Two fifteen-year-old boys---the younger of whom may have been fourteen---decide to hunt and trap away from home in the north woods of Maine. A true recounting of their adventures can be found here, though the years that passed before the tale was written down may have added a slight bit of exaggeration. Then again, they set out in the winter of 1875 and all that's written could very well be the complete and honest truth!

The listener may wish to listen first to Section 18 of this recording---Notes on Maine Animals---as familiarity with these will enhance an understanding of the memoir. (2 hr 41 min)


Introductory Material 2:38 Read by KevinS
How a Trout Gave Us an Idea 4:31 Read by KevinS
Off for the North Woods 7:07 Read by KevinS
Finding a Camp and Snugging Down 8:20 Read by KevinS
First Adventures in Hunting and Trapping 10:10 Read by KevinS
A Mysterious Night Visitor 4:20 Read by KevinS
Getting Ready for Cold Weather 7:13 Read by KevinS
Winter Brings Bear Meat and a Wolf Hide 7:19 Read by KevinS
Another Mystery 5:23 Read by KevinS
Our Biggest Day's Catch 6:16 Read by KevinS
Frank Sees a Panther 5:26 Read by KevinS
The Panther Hunt 12:39 Read by KevinS
New Hunting Grounds 13:00 Read by KevinS
How a Bull Moose Almost Got Frank 12:57 Read by KevinS
My Fight with a Fisher 9:45 Read by KevinS
Out on a Limb with a Bear after Me 7:03 Read by KevinS
The Last Days of Winter 9:30 Read by KevinS
Home Again 8:16 Read by KevinS
Notes on Maine Animals 20:01 Read by KevinS



(5 stars)

All younger boys would love this book !! Great adventure and very well read Delightful story.

good read

(5 stars)

gr8 to hear someone's life experience. good job

(5 stars)

Enjoyable and enlightening . Thank you to the reader.