The Landlady

Read by Yuqing

(4.5 stars; 2 reviews)

Everything changed when Ordynov, a secluded young thinker, stepped out of his old lodgings in search of another corner. The ailing landlord watched from a distance, while the beautiful landlady came close...
A tale of love, murder, and sorcery, The Landlady is one of a kind among Fyodor Dostoevsky's works. Written at the age of 26 before he was sent to Siberia, preceded only by The Double and Poor Folk, this novella draws inspiration from Russian folklore as well as stories by Pushkin and Gogol. It anticipates some of the writer's most important ideas to be developed in his later writings. (Summary by Yuqing Cao) (4 hr 14 min)


Part I, Chapter I 35:43 Read by Yuqing
Part I, Chapter II 40:19 Read by Yuqing
Part I, Chapter III 33:07 Read by Yuqing
Part II, Chapter I 1:04:11 Read by Yuqing
Part II, Chapter II 41:16 Read by Yuqing
Part II, Chapter III 39:36 Read by Yuqing


Neglected Early Dostoyevsky

(5 stars)

Thanks to Yuqing Cao for making this available in free audio. The Landlady doesn't get much love, but the reader does it a service, and helps everyone interested in hearing the whole of D.'s oeuvre.