Institutes Of The Christian Religion Book 1 (Allen Translation)

Read by David Ronald

Now, my design in this work has been to prepare and qualify students of theology for the reading of the divine word, that they may have an easy introduction to it, and be enabled to proceed in it without any obstruction. For I think I have given such a comprehensive summary, and orderly arrangement of all the branches of religion, that, with proper attention, no person will find any difficulty in determining what ought to be the principal objects of his research in the Scripture, and to what end he ought to refer any thing it contains. This way, therefore, being prepared, if I should hereafter publish any expositions of the Scripture, I shall have no need to introduce long discussions respecting doctrines, or digressions on common topics, and therefore shall always compress them within a narrow compass. This will relieve the pious reader from great trouble and tediousness, provided he come previously furnished with the necessary information, by a knowledge of the present work. But as the reason of this design is very evident in my numerous Commentaries, I would rather have it known from the fact itself, than from my declaration.

Farewell, friendly reader; and if you receive any benefit from my labours, let me have the assistance of your prayers with God our Father.
(Summary by John Calvin. Geneva, 1st August, 1559.) (10 hr 0 min)


I. The Connection Between The Knowledge Of God And The Knowledge Of Ourselves. 8:44 Read by David Ronald
II. The Nature And Tendency Of The Knowledge Of God. 8:50 Read by David Ronald
III. The Human Mind Naturally Endued With The Knowledge Of God. 8:40 Read by David Ronald
IV. This Knowledge Extinguished Or Corrupted, Partly By Ignorance, Partly By Wi… 12:37 Read by David Ronald
V. The Knowledge Of God Conspicuous In The Formation And Continual Government O… 47:58 Read by David Ronald
VI. The Guidance And Teaching Of The Scripture Necessary To Lead To The Knowled… 13:57 Read by David Ronald
VII. The Testimony Of The Spirit Necessary To Confirm The Scripture, In Order T… 20:54 Read by David Ronald
VIII. Rational Proofs To Establish The Belief Of The Scripture. 33:39 Read by David Ronald
IX. The Fanaticism Which Discards The Scripture, Under The Pretence Of Resortin… 11:19 Read by David Ronald
X. All Idolatrous Worship Discountenanced In The Scripture, By Its Exclusive Op… 9:36 Read by David Ronald
XI. Unlawfulness Of Ascribing To God A Visible Form. All Idolatry A Defection F… 51:35 Read by David Ronald
XII. God Contradistinguished From Idols, That He May Be Solely And Supremely Wo… 12:14 Read by David Ronald
XIII Part 1. One Divine Essence, Containing Three Persons; Taught In The Script… 1:00:43 Read by David Ronald
XIII Part 2. One Divine Essence, Containing Three Persons; Taught In The Script… 1:00:04 Read by David Ronald
XIV. The True God Clearly Distinguished In The Scripture From All Fictitious On… 1:08:47 Read by David Ronald
XV. The State Of Man At His Creation, The Faculties Of The Soul, The Divine Ima… 42:38 Read by David Ronald
XVI. God's Preservation And Support Of The World By His Power, And His Governme… 41:46 Read by David Ronald
XVII. The Proper Application Of This Doctrine To Render It Useful To Us. 57:51 Read by David Ronald
XVIII. God Uses The Agency Of The Impious, And Inclines Their Minds To Execute … 28:52 Read by David Ronald