The Notary's Nose

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Ironic and Satirical: A successful Parisian notary, Alfred L’Ambert, is smitten with a fourteen-year-old ballet dancer. After a quarrel, his Turkish rival challenges him to a duel during which the notary gets his nose cut off. Thereupon, a surgeon is called for a grafting. The donor is a simple man from the Auvergne with whom the notary is forced to spend thirty days, his nose being literally glued to the arm of the man. But even after this term, his bad fortune doesn’t come to an end... - Summary by Didier

Le Nez d’un notaire - The Notary's Nose in French
La Nariz de un notario - The Notary's Nose in Spanish (2 hr 45 min)


Its Raycyst and antisemitic

(5 stars)

Story would have you believe a nose is important. A nose is of no importance. What is important is fighting whitness. Just because African Americans and Senitic Americans have huge nosses does not mean they are lesser beings who should have their noses cut off. Also it is reprenhensible for a male to be attràcrted to a female. Males should not be attracted to physical beauty when attending ballets. Female ballet dances hate being looked at by males. They just dance and do not expect to be looked at onstage. So change the story to be a black male transgendered belly dancer falling in love with a gay jew with a huge nose. This will be Politically Correct.