Poems of Schiller - 1st Period

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

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Poems by the German Classical poet Friedrich von Schiller from his first period (until 1785) in English translations by Edgar A. Bowring et al, including a verse drama of the Classical story of Semele and Zeus. - Summary by Alan Mapstone

Cast list for "Semele":
Juno: Krista Zaleski
Semele, Princess of Thebes: Jenn Broda
Zeus: Larry Wilson
Mercury: Sonia
Stage Directions: Alan Mapstone
(2 hr 3 min)


Hector and Andromache 2:15 Read by Alan Mapstone
Amalia 1:35 Read by nighthawks
A Funeral Fantasie 5:06 Read by dksfreader
Fantasie - To Laura 4:38 Read by Adrian Stephens
To Laura at the Harpsichord 2:05 Read by Larry Wilson
Group from Tartarus 1:07 Read by Lee Vogler
Rapture - To Laura 1:34 Read by Jananiram
To Laura (The Mystery of Reminiscence) 4:10 Read by Adrian Stephens
Melancholy - To Laura 7:52 Read by Adrian Stephens
The Infanticide 8:50 Read by Adrian Stephens
The Greatness of the World 1:53 Read by Larry Wilson
Fortune and Wisdom 1:18 Read by Kerry Adams
Elegy on the Death of a Young Man 7:03 Read by Adrian Stephens
The Battle 5:41 Read by nighthawks
Rousseau 1:01 Read by Larry Wilson
Friendship 5:02 Read by nighthawks
Elysium 2:08 Read by Larry Wilson
The Fugitive 2:32 Read by Lee Vogler
To Minna 3:36 Read by nighthawks
The Flowers 2:27 Read by nighthawks
The Triumph of Love (A Hymn) 7:27 Read by Larry Wilson
To a Moralist 1:38 Read by Kerry Adams
Count Eberhard, the Groaner of Wurtemburg 4:17 Read by Alan Mapstone
To the Spring 1:13 Read by Kerry Adams
Semele 36:46 Read by LibriVox Volunteers