Heraclitus, or Man's Looking-glass and Survey of Life

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This book is no other than a perfect map of man and anatomy of all ages; A "nosce te ipsum", which is the highest pitch and hardest lesson of all human learning; An universal dial which (though made in France) yet serves (without any astronomical reduction) for all meridians, and shows how the minutes of man's life pass away from the first rising to the last setting thereof, and even from Solomon upon his golden throne, to Job scraping himself with potsherds upon the ash-heap; for what man is he that shall not see death? (as David said it, and saw it) and after that comes judgment to heaven or hell for ever. (Summary adapted from translator's preface) (1 hr 17 min)


To the Reader 7:20 Read by InTheDesert
Vanity in the Nature of Man 5:24 Read by InTheDesert
Vanity of Man in his Actions 32:26 Read by InTheDesert
Vanity in the Thoughts, Desires and Judgements of Men 27:32 Read by InTheDesert
A Glimpse of the Divine Majesty from the Cleft of the Rock 4:22 Read by InTheDesert


Survey of Life

(4 stars)

Not the Heraclitus I was thinking of. Although extremely well read.