Horror Story Collection 003

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.4 stars; 55 reviews)

An occasional collection of 10 horror stories by various readers. We aim to unsettle you a little, to cut through the pink cushion of illusion that shields you from the horrible realities of life. Here are the walking dead, the fetid pools of slime, the howls in the night that you thought you had confined to your more unpleasant dreams.

(3 hr 17 min)


Caterpillars 21:18 Read by Andy Minter (1934-2017)
The Cats of Ulthar 8:55 Read by Sarah Jennings
The Crawling Chaos 28:28 Read by D.E. Wittkower
The Nameless City 37:02 Read by Mark Nelson
The Raven 7:52 Read by Pete Williams, Pittsburgh, PA
The Skulls in the Stars 22:04 Read by Zoe Earley
The Spook House 8:44 Read by Paul Siegel
The Statement of Randolph Carter 13:55 Read by Scott Bush
The Strange Orchid 20:56 Read by Glen Hallstrom
The Tomb 31:42 Read by D.E. Wittkower


fun on winter night

(5 stars)

great for snug listening

well written

(4.5 stars)

Nice, quick little tales that are well read and delightful. I enjoyed this little book a lot!

not too creepy but good bed time stories narrators very good! xx

(5 stars)

must read

(5 stars)

I loved every minute of it.

John O

(5 stars)

Decent stories. Top knotch reader