Ideal Poems from the English Poets

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A collection of twelve poems from English Poets that are known to be the best of their poems. - Summary by Mozartjr (0 hr 39 min)


The Brook, by Alfred Tennyson 3:03 Read by Andrea Atwood
The Three Fishers, by Charles Kingsley 1:44 Read by Kerry Adams
The Long White Seam, by Jean Ingelow 1:43 Read by stark2718
O May I Join the Choir Invisible by George Eliot 2:33 Read by Larry Wilson
How They Brought the Good News for Ghent to Aix by Robert Browning 4:21 Read by Alan Mapstone
Mother and Poet by Mrs. E. B. Browning 7:46 Read by Dawn Sutton
Bingen on the Rhine by Caroline E.S. Norton 4:26 Read by Dustin Delano
A Man's a Man's for A' That by Robert Burns 2:38 Read by Kerry Adams
Nature's Lady by William Wordsworth 1:14 Read by KCAudible
Ring Out, Wild Bells by Alfred Tennyson 2:11 Read by Alan Mapstone
To a Skylark by Percy B. Shelley 6:05 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Lost Chord by Adelaide A. Procter 1:57 Read by Alan Mapstone