Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 092

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Calling men the "Bawling Brotherhood," Sarah Grand penned a lively essay on The New Aspect of the Woman Question in 1894. Stenography and the Typewriter, and Home Hints were other women centric selections from the 20 reader-chosen nonfiction pieces in volume 092. Social and political history figured in many readings: The Birthplace of American Independence (1687); Roman Remains in Great Britain; the Spanish American War; Thoughts Upon the African Slave Trade (1788); State of the Union Address (1817); Disunion Sentiment (1794); and Monument to General Sheridan. Climate's role in human events was recognized in Climate Change and the Rise and Fall of Civilizations; The Day the Piano Went Up the Hill; and Launching Icebergs. Selections from science and medicine included The Discovery of Radium; Mercury in Treating Venereal Disease; and William James' lecture on the possibility of Human Immortality. Rounding out the volume are thoughts on Literature and the Stage; some notes on drawing (Of Line and Form); a bit of Mark Twain humor (The Bee); and an biographical essay on W.H.R. Rivers. - Summary by Sue Anderson (7 hr 5 min)


Address of the President at the Unveiling of the Monument to General Sheridan, … 7:58 Read by Donald Cummings
The Bee 8:32 Read by Winnifred Assmann
The Birthplace of American Independence, 1687 34:33 Read by progressingamerica
Climate Change and the Rise and Fall of Civilizations 6:59 Read by czandra
The Day The Piano Went Up The Hill 11:02 Read by Sue Anderson
The Discovery of Radium 8:29 Read by Krista Zaleski
Disunion Sentiment in Congress in 1794: A Confidential Memorandum Hitherto Unpu… 29:10 Read by TriciaG
Home Hints (1914) 18:54 Read by Rapunzelina
Human Immortality 48:23 Read by Josh Mitteldorf
Launching Icebergs, Yukatat Bay 31:21 Read by Mary in Arkansas
Literature and the Stage 7:05 Read by Ahana M
The New Aspect of the Woman Question (1894) 19:08 Read by Winnifred Assmann
Observations on the Use of Mercury in Treating Venereal Disease, 1772 (excerpt) 38:18 Read by lightcrystal
Of Line and Form 23:35 Read by Sue Anderson
Roman Remains in Great Britain 24:16 Read by Rapunzelina
The Spanish-American War (1898) 8:42 Read by lightcrystal
State of the Union Address of December 12, 1817 27:15 Read by showard
Stenography and the Typewriter 7:40 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Thoughts Upon the African Slave Trade (1788) 53:24 Read by Availle
W. H. R. Rivers: Some Recollections 10:43 Read by KevinS