Myths and Legends Around the World - Collection 16

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This collection is dedicated to recordings of short mythical or legendary works which are in the Public Domain. The stories tell of legends, heroes, myths, and ancient lore from many different cultures. (Summary by Lynette Caulkins) (3 hr 29 min)


Why the Eagle Defends Americans - Iroquois 9:38 Read by Jo Beth McKee
The Adventures of a Piskey in Search of his Laugh - Cornish 1:09:15 Read by the one who wanders
The Legend of Doombar - Cornish 17:32 Read by the one who wanders
The Petition to the King - Burmese 12:03 Read by Ahana M
The Coming of the Tuatha de Danaan - Irish 28:17 Read by Neev
The Flood - Ancient Greek 8:59 Read by Ahana M
Concerning the Human Sacrifices Which Took Place On the Death of Chief Indoma -… 4:56 Read by Jerome Ware
The Legend of Paracelsus - German 4:15 Read by Michael Broomhill
Cadmus and Europa - Greek 19:41 Read by Alex Iacobut
The Enchanted Princess - Russian 20:52 Read by Jeston Hays
The White Maiden - German 7:24 Read by Michael Broomhill
One-eyed Likho - Russian 6:46 Read by Alex Iacobut