The Shagganappi

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Tales of adventure in the context of white and first nations peoples interacting in North America, told by Tekahionwake, Haudenosaunee of Six Nations in what is now Ontario, Canada. Such tales teach values in the oral traditions of indigenous peoples. (Summary by Czandra) (9 hr 18 min)


Introduction/ Tekahionwake 4:57 Read by czandra
The Shagganappi 23:23 Read by czandra
The Shagganappi, pt. 2 32:06 Read by czandra
The King's coin, chapters 1 - 3 53:20 Read by DJRickyV
The King's coin, chapters 4 & 5 34:03 Read by DJRickyV
A night with "North Eagle" 26:08 Read by Anita Hibbard
Hoolool of the Totem poles 16:45 Read by Rita Boutros
The Wolf brothers 17:11 Read by Rita Boutros
We-Hro's sacrifice 16:22 Read by Rita Boutros
The Potlatch 21:17 Read by czandra
The Scarlet Eye 24:23 Read by Christine Rottger
Sons of savages 10:27 Read by Kerry Adams
Jack o' Lantern 22:27 Read by czandra
The Barnardo Boy 18:31 Read by Adrian Stephens
The broken string 26:14 Read by Adrian Stephens
Maurice of his Majesty's mails 25:29 Read by Adrian Stephens
The Whistling Swans 20:43 Read by czandra
The Delaware Idol 24:09 Read by Christine Rottger
The King Georgeman 30:28 Read by Christine Rottger
Gun-shy Billy 15:13 Read by Celeste Law
The Brotherhood 18:10 Read by czandra
The signal code 18:27 Read by czandra
The shadow trail 15:04 Read by czandra
The saucy seven 18:38 Read by czandra
Little Wolf-Willow 24:35 Read by Winnifred Assmann