Beethoven: The Man and the Artist, as Revealed in His Own Words

Read by mkirkpat

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This book consists of brief biographical commentaries about Beethoven arranged by topic and followed by quotations by Beethoven about the topic. Note: There are incorrect dates in the quotation references that do not match the chronology of Beethoven's life but the reader has read them as printed in the original text. - Summary by lkirk (2 hr 50 min)


Brief Biographical Sketch; Preface 10:58 Read by mkirkpat
Concerning Art; Love of Nature 12:55 Read by mkirkpat
Concerning Texts; On Composing 20:44 Read by mkirkpat
On Performing Music; On His Own Works 26:12 Read by mkirkpat
On Art and Artists; Beethoven as Critic; On Education 28:05 Read by mkirkpat
On His Own Disposition and Character; The Sufferer 36:32 Read by mkirkpat
Worldly Wisdom; God; Appendix 35:17 Read by mkirkpat