First Fifty Digits of Pi

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(3.5 stars; 12 reviews)

56 flavors of Pi proudly produced by LibriVox volunteers to celebrate Pi Day, 2008. (3/14) Don't worry, you don't have to listen to an infinite string of numbers: each reader presents just the first 50 digits in styles of their own choosing.

In light of the spirit of this occasion (and the might of our spirited community), this LibriVox offering makes a gentle exception to the policy of faithfully presenting just the text. This is the real Pi, but served up with a side of sillies -- it's Pi a la volunteer. (Summary by Cori Samuel and Anita Roy Dobbs) (0 hr 53 min)


Previously on 24 0:42 Read by Jonathan Horniblow
sdrawkcaB 1:03 Read by Great Plains
Battle Hymn of the Republic 0:35 Read by Laurie Anne Walden
Bedtime Story 0:48 Read by Laurie Anne Walden
Belfast Accent 0:58 Read by Délibáb
Binary 1:13 Read by Shurtagal
Borg 0:56 Read by Esther
Bullwinkle 0:59 Read by Jerome Lawsen
Captains Log 0:50 Read by James Christopher
Chinese 1:09 Read by Jc Guan
Cylon 0:47 Read by James Christopher
Demonic Spanish 0:56 Read by Leon Mire
Daleks 0:44 Read by James Christopher
DTMF (Touch Tone Phone) 0:41 Read by James Christopher
Dutch 0:37 Read by Anna Simon
Eating Pie 1:58 Read by Elaine Hamby
Echo 0:47 Read by Esther
Esperanto 1:06 Read by James Christopher
Falsetto 1:00 Read by Shurtagal
Fast 0:25 Read by Sy
First Grade Style 0:58 Read by Sean McGaughey
French 0:56 Read by Jc Guan
Gandalf 1:01 Read by Jerome Lawsen
Good Morning To All 1:10 Read by Jc Guan
HAL9000 0:50 Read by James Christopher
Hebrew 0:59 Read by Scott Sherris
Hexadecimal 0:53 Read by Great Plains
Hoarse 0:46 Read by Anna Simon
Household Percussion 1:25 Read by Philippa
Hungarian 0:59 Read by Délibáb
Infomercial 1:11 Read by Jerome Lawsen
Klingon 0:51 Read by Shurtagal
Landing 1:12 Read by Great Plains
Latin 1:15 Read by James Christopher
Laughing 0:59 Read by Philippa
Lullaby 0:48 Read by Laurie Anne Walden
Modern Major General 0:31 Read by Jonathan Horniblow
Monotone 1:09 Read by Great Plains
Morse Code 1:00 Read by Sean McGaughey
Movie Trailer 1:01 Read by Jerome Lawsen
Munchkin 0:45 Read by James Christopher
Normal (1) 0:52 Read by Betsie Bush
Normal (2) 0:50 Read by Sean McGaughey
In One Breath 0:26 Read by Cori Samuel
Phone Call 0:47 Read by Jonathan Horniblow
Pig Latin 1:03 Read by Sy
Piratical 0:49 Read by Cori Samuel
Quebecois 0:56 Read by Jc Guan
Rap (1) 0:51 Read by Jonathan Horniblow
Rap (2) 0:29 Read by Shurtagal
Roman Numerals 1:36 Read by Sean McGaughey
Brian Sewell 1:07 Read by Jonathan Horniblow
Southern Belle 1:05 Read by Squid Varilekova
New York Queen 1:04 Read by Jonathan Horniblow
Sung in Welsh (Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau) 1:15 Read by Philippa
Zither 1:12 Read by Jc Guan



(5 stars)

Helped me go to sleep with chuckles as an added bonus! Mr. Horniblow is amazing, by far my favorite reader on this project!

lol this is charming thank you.

(5 stars)

This makes me happy and is useful for memorizing. Thank you all :)

The second fifty is when things get juicy...

(3 stars)

What pi-ety

(5 stars)

Very creative and entertaining