Wayside Gleams

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Laura Goodman Salverson was a Canadian author of Icelandic descent. Her poems pay tribute to both aspects of her heritage, with offerings like "For Canada", "Iceland" and "Childhood's Friend" in this collection. (Summary by Krista Zaleski) (1 hr 44 min)


Dedication 0:47 Read by Krista Zaleski
Creation of the Birds 1:31 Read by Stefan Von Blon
To a Wild Canary 0:51 Read by czandra
Somewhere in Fields of France 1:15 Read by Laurel Brushett
Merry Spring 1:07 Read by Larry Wilson
For Canada 2:05 Read by Krista Zaleski
Asphodel Fields 1:16 Read by Elyse
The Comforter 1:22 Read by Larry Wilson
Hymn of Night 1:30 Read by sunshine2022
The Meadow 0:55 Read by czandra
Life 0:50 Read by Laurel Brushett
And This My Love 1:20 Read by Laurie Banza
Arboreal Homily 1:45 Read by De Anna Lee
The Disinherited Conqueror 1:34 Read by David Nicholas
Fragment 1:12 Read by Larry Wilson
Would the Night were Fleeting 1:16 Read by Laurie Banza
Butterflies 1:01 Read by Stefan Von Blon
Calla Lily 1:09 Read by czandra
Cui Bono? 1:05 Read by Kerry Adams
Little Pilgrims of the Deep 1:14 Read by Kerry Adams
Where Madonna Lilies Grow 1:00 Read by sunshine2022
On Demeter’s Breast 1:02 Read by Elyse
Love’s Way 0:47 Read by Laurel Brushett
Lament 1:14 Read by De Anna Lee
In the Garden of My Heart 1:06 Read by Larry Wilson
Mother 1:14 Read by Filoria
To the Canadian Nature Poet, Bliss Carman 1:20 Read by nbvoices
Pastoral Romance 1:03 Read by Elyse
In the Glade 1:14 Read by Elyse
Pioneers 0:54 Read by De Anna Lee
In the Mist 1:03 Read by Filoria
Shadows 1:30 Read by Larry Wilson
Morning Call 1:03 Read by czandra
In a Grove 2:34 Read by mstrefas
Fragment 0:59 Read by Sagarika
Infinity 1:28 Read by Elyse
On Wishes 0:45 Read by Laurel Brushett
Fragment 0:49 Read by nbvoices
Fantasy 1:27 Read by sunshine2022
The Inner Light 0:57 Read by Larry Wilson
Halls of Dreams 2:25 Read by Larry Wilson
Voices of the Sea 1:33 Read by Filoria
Sea Song 1:09 Read by Tricia Wheeler
Baby’s Dream 2:02 Read by Tricia Wheeler
Love’s Path 1:51 Read by Laurel Brushett
To One Departed 1:09 Read by nbvoices
In Loving Memory of Haldora Olson 1:17 Read by Larry Wilson
If a Maid be Fair 0:57 Read by nbvoices
Baby’s Eyes 1:05 Read by Laurel Brushett
Childhood’s Friend 1:55 Read by JoniKrumm
The Courtship of the Sun 2:17 Read by Amanda Goins
Windows of Mystery 1:21 Read by Tricia Wheeler
We Thank Thee Lord 1:29 Read by Larry Wilson
Chant of the Deep 1:08 Read by Tricia Wheeler
Consider the Sun 1:10 Read by Tricia Wheeler
To the Evening Star 1:21 Read by Elyse
Ad Finem 0:46 Read by JoniKrumm
Heritage 1:25 Read by Tricia Wheeler
Stray Thoughts 1:39 Read by Amanda Goins
This is the Age of Reason 1:25 Read by Larry Wilson
Iceland 1:37 Read by nbvoices
The Dying Norseman 1:38 Read by Laurel Brushett
The Question 1:25 Read by nbvoices
Ode Dolorous 0:56 Read by Larry Wilson
Heart’s Ease 0:53 Read by Laurel Brushett
Consolation 1:51 Read by Larry Wilson
Religion 2:02 Read by nbvoices
The Gift 1:38 Read by Larry Wilson
The Gift Acceptable 1:37 Read by Larry Wilson
Brothers All 3:14 Read by Larry Wilson
Slumber Song 1:06 Read by De Anna Lee
My Plea 1:04 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Sleep, O Shining Love 1:20 Read by Bruce Kachuk
April Rain 1:09 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Whither and Away? 1:16 Read by Aidan Koppinger
Song of Seasons 1:10 Read by nbvoices
Where Wind the Roads of Arcady? 1:11 Read by Lee Vogler
Little One and Dearest 1:10 Read by Laurel Brushett