The Boy Scouts on War Trails in Belgium

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The Silver Fox patrol find themselves on a boat, quietly travelling on the Rhine from Mainz. Bumpus' mother is sick in Antwerp, and they are trying to visit her. Of course, an adventure awaits them in Germany, with the advent of the Great War fast approaching, which is happening much faster than the boys could know!

Herbert Carter is one of many pseudonyms used by St George Rathborne. (6 hr 4 min)


The News that Reached the Rhine 12:12 Read by Marie Christian
A Bold Undertaking 9:23 Read by Christian Culp
Giraffe Makes a Bargain 12:39 Read by Laurie Banza
The Blocked Way to the Border 12:36 Read by Dnastruk
At the Ferry 12:15 Read by Julio Araujo
Scout Tactics 9:42 Read by Christian Culp
Dodging Trouble 12:51 Read by Dnastruk
The Country of Windmills 10:45 Read by Taylen Grush
At a Wayside Belgian Inn 12:50 Read by Paul Hampton
The Throb in the Night Breeze 12:34 Read by Paul Hampton
Warned Off 12:45 Read by Paul Hampton
The Penalty of Meddling 12:27 Read by Paul Hampton
Repentant Bumpus 13:46 Read by Dnastruk
More Hard Luck 13:10 Read by Dnastruk
At the End of a Tow Line 12:14 Read by Dnastruk
The German Raiders 12:31 Read by Dnastruk
A Man in the Tree Top 12:05 Read by Dnastruk
Good Samaritans 14:13 Read by Sandra Cullum
The Battle at the Bridge 14:00 Read by sloanvoice
Victory in Defeat 13:53 Read by Paul Hampton
The Call for Help 13:41 Read by Paul Hampton
Up from the Depths 13:18 Read by Paul Hampton
"A Tempest in a Teapot" 13:10 Read by Paul Hampton
The Ambuscade 11:34 Read by ayojoy248
The Scouts' Camp Fire 13:14 Read by Dnastruk
A Tattooed Fugitive 13:05 Read by Dnastruk
The Uhlan Hold-up 13:20 Read by Dnastruk
Turned Back 12:49 Read by KevinS
A Change of Plans - Conclusion 11:37 Read by KevinS