The National Geographic Magazine Vol. 10 - 11. November 1899

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The National Geographic Magazine, an illustrated monthly, Vol X, November 1899.
It includes the following articles:

along with Geographic Literature and Miscellanea (2 hr 6 min)


The Alaskan Boundary, part 1 22:27 Read by BettyB
The Alaskan Boundary, part 2 20:55 Read by MelissaMarie
The Alaskan Boundary, part 3 17:52 Read by MelissaMarie
Life on a Yukon Trail 16:19 Read by Greg Giordano
The Rational Element in Geography 20:55 Read by Availle
Edward Orton, LL.D. 1:48 Read by Laurie Banza
National Geographic Society 2:57 Read by Larry Wilson
Geographic Literature 16:03 Read by BettyB
Geographic Miscellanea 6:59 Read by BettyB