A Warning to the Curious and Other Ghost Stories

Read by Ben Tucker

(4.2 stars; 20 reviews)

From a master of weird fiction comes this collection of ghost stories rooted in the antiquarian pursuits. A doll's house that reveals more than its owner ever wished. Stolen prayer books that prove to be doom for those who seek to purloin them. A piercing shriek in the dead of night. A glimpse into the dark past through a pair of bewitched binoculars. An ancient crown that should have never been unearthed. A burial site cursed by those who died by wickedness. These nightmares may come to haunt your dreams if you should let them in. - Summary by Ben Tucker (3 hr 24 min)


The Haunted Doll's House 29:24 Read by Ben Tucker
The Uncommon Prayer-Book 36:23 Read by Ben Tucker
A Neighbour's Landmark 28:00 Read by Ben Tucker
A View from a Hill 44:01 Read by Ben Tucker
A Warning to the Curious 41:26 Read by Ben Tucker
An Evening's Entertainment 25:36 Read by Ben Tucker


(4 stars)

A good , enjoyable assortment of scary tales, some more so than others. Thanks for another , generally excellent and atmospheric reading Ben but please be careful with the English accents . There's a tendency for lower class ones to sound Cockney and upper class as if the speaker is wearing in a new set of dentures.