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"Lucasta" is of Latin origin meaning "Pure Light". Besides the dedication of the first poem to his wife, Anne Lovelace, this selection of poems are written from the viewpoint of a soldier who is going off to war - to his lover, who is the love of his life, his Lucasta. While pouring his heart out with memories of her beauty and the joy's that they have shared, he fears she will think badly of him for leaving, and will not wait for him. Therefore, he makes pleas for her loyalty, her love, for her understanding, and for the sacrifice he feels he must make. (Summary by Laur) (0 hr 48 min)


Dedication 1:34 Read by Larry Wilson
To Lucasta. Going Beyond the Seas 1:18 Read by Larry Wilson
To Lucasta. Going Beyond the Warres 1:04 Read by Alan Mapstone
To Amarantha; That She Would Dishevel Her Hair 1:56 Read by Alan Mapstone
Sonnet: Depose your finger of that ring 1:06 Read by Kerry Adams
To Lucasta. The Rose 1:44 Read by Kerry Adams
Sonnet: When I by thy faire shape did sweare 1:26 Read by Kerry Adams
Lucasta Weeping 1:05 Read by Kerry Adams
To Lucasta, From Prison 3:25 Read by Alan Mapstone
To Lucasta 1:42 Read by Cavaet
Upon the Curtain of Lucasta's Picture, It was Thus Wrought 0:43 Read by Dean Leggiero
Lucasta's World 1:22 Read by Cavaet
To Ellinda, That Lately I Have Not Written 1:07 Read by Cavaet
To Chloe, Courting Her for His Friend 1:26 Read by Cavaet
Gratiana Dancing and Singing 1:23 Read by Cavaet
The Scrutinie 1:25 Read by Greg Giordano
The Vintage to the Dungeon 1:13 Read by Greg Giordano
To Althea, from Prison 1:56 Read by Alan Mapstone
To His Fairest Valentine, Mrs. A.L. 1:21 Read by shibaiman
The Faire Begger 2:21 Read by Greg Giordano
To Lucasta. Her Reserved Looks 0:52 Read by shibaiman
Lucasta Laughing 1:00 Read by Dean Leggiero
Love Inthron'd 1:50 Read by Cavaet
To Lucasta. I laugh and sing 0:57 Read by shibaiman
To Lucasta. Like the Sentinel Stars 1:13 Read by shibaiman
The Ant 3:02 Read by Alan Mapstone
Song: Strive not, vain lover 1:22 Read by Mark Leder
Courante Monsieur 0:56 Read by Mark Leder
Song: In mine one monument I lye 1:07 Read by Mark Leder
Another 0:56 Read by Dean Leggiero
The Snayl 4:29 Read by Alan Mapstone