The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin

Read by Cavaet

This work is by Harry Houdini, and was an attempt, by him, to undermine the public reverence for the man regarded as the master of modern magic, Robert-Houdin. Initially enamored of him, even making his stage name from him by an adding an 'i' to it, Houdini felt that the Robert-Houdin family had slighted him and so wrote this work in an attempt to discredit the man. It backfired on him instead! - Summary by Cavaet (4 hr 50 min)


Introduction 22:59 Read by Cavaet
Significant Events in the Life of Robert-Houdin 13:35 Read by Cavaet
The Orange-tree Trick 29:03 Read by Cavaet
The Writing and Drawing Figure 30:23 Read by Cavaet
The Pastry Cook of the Palais Royal 25:44 Read by Cavaet
The Obedient Cards—The Cabalistic Clock—The Trapeze Automaton 26:10 Read by Cavaet
The Inexhaustible Bottle 19:41 Read by Cavaet
Second Sight 19:10 Read by Cavaet
The Suspension Trick 21:08 Read by Cavaet
The Disappearing Handkerchief 18:30 Read by Cavaet
Robert-Houdin’s Ignorance of Magic as Betrayed by His Own Pen 34:55 Read by Cavaet
The Narrowness of Robert-Houdin’s Memoirs 28:54 Read by Cavaet