The Thirteenth Letter

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(4.6 stars; 12 reviews)

This classic murder mystery begins in a hospital and ends in a passionate embrace. What happens in between will intrigue and entertain lovers of the genre. Natalie Sumner Lincoln was a prolific author. This 1924 work is one of 22 novels she published over a period of just 15 years. She was born and lived her whole life in Washington, D.C. Like her other books, The Thirteenth Letter is set in and around the U.S. capital. - Summary by Verla Viera (6 hr 26 min)


The Events of a Night 14:28 Read by James R. Hedrick
Caught in the Web 16:44 Read by BookBard
Complications 20:53 Read by Seraphina
The Black Crest 19:29 Read by Marcie Wood
Sheriff Trenholm Asks Questions 18:57 Read by James K. White
The Third Hand 16:10 Read by James R. Hedrick
Curious Questions and Evasive Answers 18:01 Read by KimberlyB
Blackmail 14:44 Read by Steve Olkiewicz
The Denial 17:25 Read by Seraphina
Skirmishing 14:28 Read by Kazaxat
The Folded Note 19:05 Read by Nancy Gorgen
The Human Eye 18:16 Read by Nancy Gorgen
The Spider and the Fly 19:30 Read by Nancy Gorgen
The Will of Hate 15:10 Read by markdamonbrooks
Three Beehives 21:18 Read by CBinns
The Thirteenth Letter 22:36 Read by Wayne Cooke
Cherchez la Femme 17:19 Read by Nancy Gorgen
The Death Clutch 24:27 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Which? 32:04 Read by BookBard
The Ruling Passion 25:08 Read by Nancy Gorgen


Antique meandering fun

(3.5 stars)

You may never follow what actually happened here , or you may without being able to explain it to others, but so what? You learn how easy it was to slip out of the back seat while the chauffeur has stepped out to pump the motor. And what are those lamps they use that are so dim, that candles are brighter?

(5 stars)

Fun mystery. I figured it out after a while, but still a fun yarn.